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For a long time, I carried something with me that told people I was prone to seizures and what type of medication I was on.  I’m fortunate in that I no longer have to do that.  (yay!)  However, I do have friends who need medical alert bracelets and was recently pointed to Lauren’s Hope.   They have some really neat stuff and is currently having a giveaway.   I think it’s worth checking out.  They’ve proven you can be hip and trendy while alerting others about your health needs.

Be well,



This was a week of obstacles combined with a huge desire to do-over.  I was discouraged and down because Friday is here and I had not started running yet. I was not going to let it get the best of me. I donned my kick-arse shoes (which, by the way, are totally not the right shoes for me to be running in even though they look awesome and are great for walking, so I’ll be buying new shoes.  Soon.) and went to the gym. I did week 1, day 1 (W1D1)  of the Couch to 5k program, but lost track of my times on the treadmill, so it was more of week 2 times and was about 50/50 run/walk times. I feel great. I’m ready for more, but have no fears of becoming an over achiever with this little jaunt.

My goal is the Fallen Heroes Memorial 5K in April.  Two days after the Bon Jovi concert, which I’m more way more stoked about than my first 5K run.

Hi, I’m Susan. I’m a runner.

we have:

(3) stuffy noses

(2) headaches

(3) grumpies- one of which is mega grumpy because (s)he went to bed at 2 a.m. with two during the night wake up hollas from one cute little girl who was miserable who ended up bounding into our bed about 4 and proceeded to whale on me all night in her sleep so now I have bruised kidneys to go with everything else.  And began our day at 7 a.m.

(1) sore throat

(1) thinks they may not be feeling well, but is too much under the cloud of being tired and grumpy to know fo sho.

(1) super sneezer

This time next week, we will be having breakfast with a fellow milspouse blogger on our way do Diznee Werld.  That is if we all stay well.  O is feeling the worst of the bunch, but I’m gonna keep fighting it.  I’m thinking plastic bubbles for everyone. I can’t have this trip messed up.  It’s been too well planned to go down the toilet.  Oh, and I need a nap.  It’s only 9:00.

For those who know  Fabul-O’s obsession with snacks:  They have been bought and are ready to go.  They are in the Operation Diznee staging area.

We need some good health ju-ju “sewiously” ’round these parts.



I’m serious about the mud run.  Will might not think I am and most people I tell about it roll their eyes at me, but I am.   We will have to have a four-person team so I’m hoping he’ll get serious about it and we can get him through physical therapy to participate.  He is supposed to tell his therapist about it and let them decide what they think the likelihood is he will be able to participate.  If he can’t then I need 3 more.  Anyone?  Anyone? 

Dr. Huha listened to my plea to get me off the seizure medication and we’re working my way backwards to something much more mild.  He suggested, in front of my 4-1/2 year old, that I practice safe relations to avoid the three-headed baby I’m concerned about should my eggs do something asinine like fertilize.  A herd of wild buffalo led by Cindewella  and Pwince Chahming couldn’t have broken her trance off her mindless scribbling, but the word s.e.x. had her at full attention.  He did that scream-whisper when he repeated it like I didn’t understand it the first two times he said it.  Jayzus man…I get it!  That wasn’t an “I’m confused” look.  It was more of an “I’m terrified because now I have to avert a s.e.x. explanation when I leave here”  look.

Anyway, Dr. Huha has reconfigured my medication and I should be able to hit the gym soon.  I’m totally ready for this.  Giving up my indulgences is another story. I’m having a hard time sticking too that…as I have been for quite some time. 

I researched shoes.  And I found these.  I could have picked the boring blue, but I wanted the bright pink.  10% off be damned.  I was able to search out a 20% off coupon code on retailmen0t(dot)com.  With free shipping.  And they are a Upromise partner. And they have free returns should I not like my new kicks.  win-win-win-win. 

We are also in the wee beginnings of something new.  It’s pretty big and we aren’t sure what the outcome will be or if it will even work out for us.  We could use some prayers and some good wishes for the best possible outcome, whatever that may be.  I’ll update on it as soon as I can, but it may not be for several months, so keep us tucked in the recesses of your mind, wouldja?

Contractor called today.  They want to frame the room addition tomorrow and set the windows and doors.  They’ll have to come back another day to do siding and inside, but should be no more than a 2-day job.  We’ll install the lighting and whatnot. It’s not fayncee, but it’s something.  I got a lil nervous about not having a permit since most of the structure was already here (slab and roof), but applied anyway.  Neighbor did same project without permit.  Code enforcement will come inspect ours and I’m afraid he’ll get busted.  Conscience is in my way, but I did what I felt we needed to do. Fine is double the cost of permit.  We picked up the 2x4s, door, and insulation today.  Windows we’ve had for a couple of weeks.  Siding we couldn’t agree on because I didn’t see the exact thing he said to get, so I’ll let contractor pick it up.  Kudos to Lowe’s for giving military discount.   Need to pick out the lighting – think I’ve found what I like and it’s on clearance – blinds and floor covering.  Pieces of cake.

Guesties arrive next week.  So excited.  The boys are going to the race.  There’s gonna be a girl’s night out in the BIG city.  Shannon and Shanny will be joining us so it’s sure to be a blast.  Can’t wait.

Until next time….

My little brain spasms are back.  With a slight vengeance.  I have a headache for the third week in a row, but it’s manageable with OTC medication.  My seizure medicine will produce a baby with three heads should my eggs decide to do something asinine like fertilize.  I don’t think it’s working, so I’m oddly concerned that I’m not seizing like Dr. Huha (HeadUpHisAss) thinks I am, but I could be.  Who knows.  I have tremors at night when I rest sometimes.

Last weekend, we were at C0stco and I got disoriented, which I refer to as getting lost in my brain.  I get slight dizzy spells from time to time and I’ll feel a feeling of warmth wash over me, but usually it’s nothing too terrible.  Then I get a weird thumping feeling in my chest.  Imagine yourself at a concert too close to a speaker and you feel the vibrations moving through your body.  That’s the sensation.   Sunday was bad.  Will was with me and I totally lost track of me, my environment and what I was doing.  I couldn’t help but cry.  Right there in the store.  Next to an end cap of noodles.  My FIL gets disoriented at times and I could never understand how he felt when he tried to describe it.  But now I know.  It is one of the scariest feelings around.  I went home and laid down.  Olivia drew a picture.  When I asked her what it was, she said it was me.  In bed sick.  I cried again.  My child sees me as sick all the time.  I’m not, I just get lost in my brain, but I don’t know how to explain it to her in words she’ll understand.  I try not to make too much of the headaches because it scares her.  But she sees me as sick.  I’m tired of being sick.  I’m tired of being tired.  I’m tired of being snappy.  I’m tired of being void of energy.  I’m tired of being tired of being tired of stuff.  I’m tired of getting lost in my brain.

So, next week, I’m going back to see Dr. Huha and see what we can do.  I think the medication is keeping me from getting “better” enough to feel better.  I think it’s taking my energy and making me less happy than I want to be.  No, it’s not the root of all my ills and issues, but anything that has the side effect of a baby with multiple heads has the capability to bring one into a constant state of pissed offness.

I need to get better.  I need to get healthy.  I need a challenge and I’ve found one.  I want to do a mud run.  I think the closest one to me is in Columbia, SC unless Carolina Marines does another one at Belmont Abbey College.  I have one year to get my crap together to do it.  I really, really want to.  Has anyone ever done one or know anyone who has?? I’ve read about the one atCamp Pendleton and hear it’s exhausting, but totally fun.  I told Will I want us to do it; I think we can do a two man team, unless some of ya’ll who are local wanna go it with us for a four man team.  I have one year to get into shape for it.   I can do it.  I know I can.  I have to work on my discipline, though.  And until I get this blah Eeyore-ish feeling to go away, I can’t do that.  Which means from time to time I may pimp for support…ya’ll up for the pimping?


Not to blog while on mind altering meds anymore…
Sorry about that E*tail therapy post.  Holy crap.  I’m not even going to go back and try to sort it out.  Not that it makes you feel any better, but Will said with this medication I see flying monkeys.

Monday we had the battle of the butterfly dress for Fabul-O’s first day of school and I won.

Tuesday she had an accident.  I walked in to pick her up and she didn’t have her shoes on so my first question was where were her tennis shoes?  The afternoon teacher, in the high pitched hushed whisper, said, “She had an accident and it got her shoes wet.”  Olivia hasn’t had an “accident” in a year.  Maybe more.  The kid has been going potty on the potty since she was about 20 months old.   The last time I can remember was when she was learning about brushing her teeth good and she was enjoying the taste of her toothpaste and didn’t want to put the brush down long enough to go.  She learned she can always come back to brushing.  This bothered me because the teacher told me that she couldn’t get the buckles undone on her shorts and maybe I should consider buying her other types of shorts/pants to wear.  Okay…this went over about as well as the part of the conversation where she told me to BUY her a new pair of shoes to keep in her bag in case we had this issue again.  Back to the shorts.  Fabul-O has a tiny hiney.  She can still wear size 24 month shorts.  Hell, she hsa one pair that is 12 months she wears and loves.  These were a 3T she had on so I know they were loose in the waist anyway, but, get this…THEY.HAD.NO.BUTTONS.OR.BUCKLES.  Hello Einstein, elastic all the way around.  I know my child is potty trained and has been for quite some time, but I also know about the herd that lines up for the potty during breaks and that when it’s her turn to go, she’s gotta go so she needs to be able to get ’em off quick.  I also know that sometimes she might wait a little long and push the timing of holding it.  She was embarrassed because her shoes were wet and they made her sit on the bench outside and finish watching the other children play, but Squeaky teacher did invite the other kids over to tell her it was okay that she was sitting play time out.  I advised Squeaky teacher I would not be buying any other shoes, I would be putting a pair of her Cr*cs, or the like, in her bag for instances such as this.  She started to protest and tell me Cr*cs are against the dress code.  Buying back up shoes she’s likely to only wear the next time you ignore her on the playground when she tries to tell you she has to go potty and wets her pants is against my budget.  My budget wins.  Somehow I’m believing Olivia on this one.   It’s ironic, or maybe it’s not, when we were packing O’s book bag Sunday  night for the first day of school, I told her exactly where in her bag to look for her backup clothes and she told me, “Mommy, I’m a big girl, I don’t pee-pee in my pants anymore.”  I told her it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry and remember where they were if she needed them.  When we talked about it later, she told me, “Mommy, I guess I’m not as big as I thought.”  Dude.  That totally smacks you right in the heart.  I reassured her and we went through the whole accidents happen, blah, blah, blah, but what hurt her the most is she was singled out.  We survived Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, about 4:15ish or so, she walks into my room and tells me her nose is bleeding.  I turn my light on and she’s right.  Her nose is pouring blood and her pjs are soaked.  I went to her room and she was upset because she, “tried to stop it so I didn’t wake you up” and had blood all over her comforter and blanket.  We stripped the covers, cleaned her up, and got everyone settled back.  She’s had nosebleeds before and knows how to pinch her nose, tilt forward, etc.  She did everything perfectly, she just needed some help.  Fast forward to about 10:30…I get a call from her school.  Another nosebleed.  They were waiting in line for potty time before lunch and it just started bleeding.  I told her teacher what we do to stop it (same thing Olivia had told her) and I left work to go check on her to make sure she was okay since she had one episode of something already in the week.  I got there and she was okay, but promised she had not been picking her nose and that it just started. They changed her shirt into the backup shirt and we all went on with our day.  At 5:00 I got a text message from another mom who saw Olivia in the office at school with another nose bleed.  This shirt got tossed I wasn’t fighting that much blood out of it.  These were three of the worst ones she’s had.  She used to get them quite often as a baby and we’ve done the humidifier, the vaseline in the nose, the bacitracin in the nose, saline spray, etc.  She had one more last night.  Four in one day at that rate was enough for me, so an ENT visit was in order.  What hurt her the most was being singled out…not once, but twice.  In the same day.

Today…Her ENT has suggested cauterizing the blood vessels in her nose.  It was talked about in the past, but we were able to keep it controlled.  This isn’t typically “nosebleed season” where we live.   Right now we’re scheduled for it in a couple of weeks.  We all want what’s best for our kids and I think this may be what’s best for ours right now.  Blowing her nose can cause it to bleed.  Rubbing it can cause it to bleed.  Sneezing can cause it to bleed.  I never knew one little person could bleed so much.  Will gets nosebleeds and I’ve never seen his bleed as much as hers do.

Here’s to hoping we survive Friday.

Peace, ya’ll….

Dr. Curry’s office hasn’t called with the results of my EEG.  If it was bad news, I’m guessing I would have heard by Friday.  If it was good news, I should have heard by Monday.  Now it’s Wednesday and I’ve not heard anything except rhetoric from his staff members.  My readjustment/taking of pain medication is on hold until we get the results because of the possibility there may be more going on with my noggin and certain medications can worsen it and cause further issues including kill me.   I’ve had a good few days, but today I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head.  I need to feel better, dammit.

It’s like spitting in the wind when I talk to his office.  He might be one of the best in our area, but I sure don’t feel like I’m getting best from him.  It might be little ‘ol headaches to him, but it’s got my life in freaking limbo.  Next on my list is a new neurologist.  Now I’ll do it since I’ve got the major testing I need out of the way.   He might could sway me with gold dipped puppies in diamond encrusted collars wrapped in hundred dollar bills.  But since it’s an HMO, I’m guessing that’s not gonna happen so I’ll move on.


Dr. Curry’s office has finally called back and my EEG ruled out the concern they had for something more serious.  So, he wants to watch me on my meds for a while and I’ll still be looking for a new neurologist.

Just because they make such riveting posts….

  • I made it to the mall today to see in person a dress I had found online for the NC Heroes Fund Gala next month.  Decent price and it was navy blue.  I’m tired of wearing black to events.  First, no one would help me and I couldn’t find it on my own so I headed to another store and found their special occasion dresses.  Found a dress.  Black.  Grrrr.  BUT it worked out to be a total of 75% off.  AND it fit without Sp*nx.  Now all I gotta do is wear them and be all svelt.  There is NOT an option of leaving the house without lycra of some sort.  It does have to be altered a little bit in the bubbies area.  For the first time in my entire life something is too big in the bubbies.  I already have shoes and accessories so for about $60 I’m set.
  • I had my 1/2 price pineapple upaide down cheesecake today.  I’ve never eaten at The Cheesecake Factory for $3.47, but I did today.  Woot.  I think I’m cheesecaked out.  I know, I know.  I should be.
  • Had my EEG today.  Won’t have results until tomorrow or Monday.  There is *slight* concern the results aren’t going to be as minor as once thought, but we aren’t going to talk about that.  I’m getting better, but I’m not where I need to be so my meds have been changed again to try and get me comfortable and then better.
  • Ya’ll remember the movie There’s Something About Mary?  Specifically, the part where Ben Stiller picked her up and had the, ummm, “hair gel” that made her hair stand on end?  I’m one of those folks who runs her fingers through her hair.  Well, EEG gal left me with wads of EEG gel in my hair from the electrode things that left me with some spiky hair.  You don’t push that stuff back down without it making knots and mats.  Oh, yeah…not to mention the red marks on my forehead where she measured and marked me.  They don’t tell you ’bout that before you leave.  At least Dr. Curry’s office doesn’t.  I was beee-yooo-teee-ful.
  • Was supposed to see Mamma Mia Sunday with a friend, but I got bailed on.  Via instant messenger.  Not even a text.  IM.  Disappointed, but life goes on.  I’m super glad I’m not the one who laid out the cash for the tickets, though.
  • I was a bad mom tonight.  I was a good mom because I stuck to the “rules,” but I was a bad mom because I stuck to the rules and I made Olivia cry.  I know you gotta do it, but the initial lip quivering had my stomach in knots.
  • I was a bad wife tonight.  I was a good wife because I stuck to the “rules,” but I was a bad wife because I nailed my point home a lot harder than I should have.  Will didn’t cry, though.  
  • Not sure why my Ambien won’t kick in. 
  • The new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is going to suck worse than the last season of it.
  • Dog treats that are shaped and colored like fried eggs just aren’t appealing and I think Pom Pom agrees.  The way her stomach is gurgling I think we’re going to chalk that one up to a loss.  I’m not sure who to blame that selection of treats on: Will or Fabul-O.

I’m getting both today.

Thanks to Tricare, my brain check will be at no charge because we’ve met our out of pocket expenses for this year.  Dr. Curry’s office won’t get that, so I’ll wait for my reimbursement check.  Since it’s National Cheesecake Day, The Cheesecake Factory has half-price slices when you dine-in.  If you get the red velvet one they donate .25 to charity.  I don’t like red velvet, so I’ll make contributions to charity my own way.

My fingers and arms, up to my elbows, are numb.  So are my toes.  Found that out when I dragged the door over them and didn’t flinch.  I also realized heat still makes me a little faint.  That could just be the sissy Southern Belle in me, though.  My nausea isn’t going away and sweet tea takes the edge off.  Seriously.   My “spells” are fewer, but come one with more of a vengeance.

I’m seeing Mamma Mia Sunday night and I’m very excited, but I won’t be driving into uptown for it, even though it is a Sunday night.  I don’t think I’m quite ready for that kind of nightime/flashy light/head turning looking all ways for traffic driving.  I’ll be riding with a friend.  I still get disoriented and I’m not chancing it.

On a scale of 1-10:

Headache: 6

Nausea: 9

Overall health: 7

I’m beginning my sixth week of not feeling well.

On a scale of 1-10:

Headache: 4.5 (I’ve downgraded it from a migraine to simply a pain in the ass, but it will gradually grow full force to a 25 on the scale and remain there for a minimum of 11-15 hours up to two days)

Nausea: 11.5.  It simply will.not.go.away.  Zofr@n ain’t all it’s cracked up to be and I’m going back to Phenergan.  I used to get it in “bullet” form where it was kept next to the butter in my refrigerator.  When you’re sweating bullets from puking and being swept away by nausea, something cool fells nice.  I’m not going to explain it, g00gle the forms of Phenergan.  You’ll figure it out.

Overall health: 6

I’m severely fatigued and am suffering some major side effects of some of the medications I’m taking.  They all have side effects in common and, when you take and multiply them times four, it makes them four times more likely to happen.  When they happen, it makes it four times worse.  Yesterday the worse of it hit me like  ton of bricks.  While I’m slightly more pleasant to be around, my body is in pain like it’s never felt before.

I’m looking into airline tickets so when I get cleared for take off I can go somewhere and gossip.

This week is EEG.  Next week is rheumatologist.  I’ve pushed out cardiac heart monitor thing until September.  I’m not sure a heart monitor is the accessory I want to wear to the NC Heroes Fund Gala next month.  My doctors are in agreement with me so it’s not like I’ve totally bucked the system.

To test a cup of urine at the ER cost $439.00.  Now I know what to charge people when they accuse me of being pregnant.

I don’t like wishing time away.  Not even a little bit.  But, for some reason, I have gotten into this mode that if tomorrow will just hurry up and get here I’ll be better.

I am back on Top@max.  I have taken it in the past and failed the therapy, but until we can get to the root of the headaches, it’s trial and error with new meds and repeating some old ones.  Or, as I like to call it, “Michael Finnegan Syndrome” where we “…begin again.”   So far I have tingling limbs and had to physically feel if my wedding ring was on my finger with my other hand.  Is it working? I thought maybe, but I can’t get past the headache or the waves of nausea that sweep over me to find out.  What I do know is that taking Top@max + Zofr@n + Lort@b at night makes me wacky sleepy that leaves me mighty tired and foggy the next morning clinging for another 6 hours or so of sleep.

Yesterday, in spite of the fog and tingling, I had a decent day…until early afternoon.  Doc says, “watch for triggers that bring on the most severe part of the headache and we’ll work on adjusting the behavior that surrounds them.”  This is good advice for someone who hasn’t been this route, and I know he’s only doing his job.  See, once upon a time, I worked for a cell phone company in customer service.  When people would call to complain that their phone wouldn’t work, I would have to troubleshoot with the most obvious of questions including, “is your phone on?”  You wouldn’t believe the number of times people would just hang up because they were embarrassed.  I have eliminated any and all medications I have previously taken.  My doctors talk to one another before prescribing me something.  I know pain meds can cause more harm than good, but when I feel like I’m clinging to life with an axe in my temples, I gotta do something and pain meds it is.  I’m not a drug seeker and for the past ten years I’ve controlled headaches with ibuprofen or Tylenol over the counter.  I am not a fan of narcotic pain medication, but I’m too the point that I must get it under control.  This is affecting my life to degrees I never imagined possible.  I’ve missed work.  I’m having to find someone to care for my child when I can’t drive and take care of her.  I feel like I’m wearing out our welcome with friends who are stepping up to help with Olivia.  I know it’s more in my mind than reality, but who wants to be a burden?  Ya’ll know me and I don’t like to burden any one for any reason and now that I’m having to rely on people, it, too, is taking a toll on me.

Today I’m in a snit and a fog.  No real reason for the snit, it’s just what it is. I’m glad my hair is long en0ugh to pull back into a stubby ponytail.  Makes getting up 35 minutes late that much easier to make it out the door close to on time.

I’m glad it’s Friday.  Really glad.

Like there’s been anything else going on ’round here…

Sooo, you all know I’ve been in this vicious migraine game for several weeks now.  Five to be exact.  Nausea.  Dizzy.  Light headed.  Passing out.  I have a neurologist.  Much better than the beast of one I had several years back.  His office smells like curry when I go in there so we’ll call him Dr. Curry.  According to everyone I’ve told I’m seeing Dr. Curry, he is supposed to be one of the best and they want to know how I got an appointment with him.

Dr. Curry is the one who diagnosed with me with migraine induced seizures and gave me steroids and some stuff to get my brain working normally.  Well, on day 3 of my miracle meds, I collapsed and ended up at the emergency room where I was given lots of Demer0l and Vic0din to help ease the pain.  Dr. Curry wants to do an EEG and the ER said it can only be done outpatient so they couldn’t help me with that one.  I understood.  I was supposed to have an appointment with Dr. Curry last Friday and called his office on Tuesday, the day after my trip to the ER, with terrible pain and he put me off until today saying we would do follow up and an EEG in one appointment.  Family phsyician helped me control the pain.  Great.  Fast forward to today.

On a scale of 1-10, my mood was about an 8.5 because we were going to find out how my brain activity has been.   On the same scale I was about a 5.75 for pain.  I say success because I’m down from the 15+ I’ve been at.   Overall health was a 7 with minimal lightheadedness.

On my way to see Dr.  Curry, I get a voicemail to remind me of my appointment at 3:30.  Ummm, no.  I was supposed to be there well in advance of that so I called and they tell me something I couldn’t understand and it was to be 3:30 – office visit then EEG.  So, I had lunch at a restaurant I’ve never had before (great place) and then headed to the Cheesecake Factory where I had the Godiva Brownie Sundae. It was yummo, but I don’t think I’ll ever order it again.   Anyway, I run out of things to do, so I go to Dr. Curry’s about 30 minutes early and sign in.  He comes in and sees me and we rehash the past week and a half since I last saw him.  He writes me a prescription and tells me I need to come back because the EEG person wasn’t there.   Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal but here’s where my beef is with it…

  1. They knew when they called me at almost noon to “remind” me of my appointment why they were pushing me out, but said nothing.
  2. Did I mention at noon when I got the message and returned the call, I had been on the road for an hour and had an hour to go?  No?  I’m sorry.  I left something out.  It’s about a 2 hour drive from my office to Dr. Curry’s office with about an hour’s drive home.
  3. I could have easily turned back around and gone back to my office and finished out my day versus missing ANOTHER day of work and getting ANOTHER day behind.  PLUS they charged me a co-pay.

Folks, what happens to me is embarrassing for me.  When I’m speaking with someone, my mind just stops.  It feels like someone has jabbed a jagged pencil in one ear and it veers to the right and stabs me behind my eye and then they poke it in and out for a while.  I have to completely regroup my thoughts and sometimes I’m not able to.  My sentences will become jumbled and nonsense and I get frustrated.   My short-term memory is being affected by this – and it could very well just be me overreacting, but I know it’s not normal for me, therefore I address it as a concern.

I’m frustrated.  Yes, I could get referred to another neurologist, but there’s the waiting game for the appointment, their “plan A,” visit again for them to move onto “plan B.”   All of that will take longer than me waiting until next Thursday to have my EEG.  I did announce, making it abundantly clear, I was to be called if the EEG lady so much as sneezed and thought she wasn’t going to be there.  Otherwise, there had better be a backup.  They “understand my frustration” and will “make a note.”  Whatever.

On the way home, a rock hit the windshield of my new-have-only-made-one-payment minivan.  Guess what I get?!?

Just so you all know, next Thursday, my brain activity day, or July 30 as most of you will know it, is national cheesecake day. Cheesecake Factory is having half off the slice of your choice.  Did I mention Dr. Curry’s office is 5.46 miles from the Cheesecake Factory?  I’m going back for the pineapple upside down cheesecake again.  Either that Adam’s peanut butter.  Both are yums.

Coming up:  EEG (maybe), cardiac workup with a heart monitor and rheumatology appointment because my ANA is all wacked up.

High note of the day: My new prescription was free at the pharmacy.  That means I’ve hit my maximum out of pocket expenses for the year.  Maybe I’ll go back to the ER for some more Demer0l.  It’s free for me until October.

I’m taking a L0rtab and going to bed.  Night ya’ll.

Peace and love….

I am 36 today.  Doesn’t really feel much different than 35, but I think it’s running the same psychological scheme on me as getting a minivan did.   It’s just not the same rolling with the windows down listening to Bon Jovi as it was in my SUV.  And the van gets worse gas mileage.  Go figure.

Today I’m celebrating with a bottle of Tylenol, a cold compress and hopes of not tossing my cookies with the nausea.  I am still stuck in this vicious cycle of migraines.  Nothing seems to help me break free, but the Demer0l and Vic0din from the ER Monday night after I passed out again sure did put  a dent in it.  After being euphoric for several hours, I can appreciate why people get addicted.  I’d love to wander freely with an “eff you” attitude and not caring if my feet ever touched the ground again.   For some reason, when I was under the influence it was tolerated, but if I’m just in a bitch mood people take offense to it.  Odd, huh?

Be well.

That’s a question I’ve heard a lot lately only to answer, “I wish I knew.”  Today, I saw a neurologist and have an answer.  At least I hope it’s the answer since it’s extremely manageable.

I’m a migraine sufferer and have been for years, but they’ve been pretty manageable when they come on and rarely do I have one that debilitates me.  That is, until three weeks ago.  After having one for a week, I went to my doctor for a check up and she changed up some medicines for me, one of which was for pain – nonnarcotic so it wouldn’t interfere with my day-to-day activities.  Well, after a couple of days, I started having all sorts of funky symptoms including muscle spasms, muscle tightness, aches in my joints, fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness and I collapsed last Friday at work.  I went back to her earlier last week and she gave me something to undo the side effects of one of the medicines I was taking.   When I collapsed and passed out at work last Friday, that’s what really started the onslaught of “whatchu got?”  The ER doc ordered a CT, gave me fluids, told me I was dehydrated and to go home.  I followed up on Monday only to have more blood drawn and an MRI ordered.  I was also given a shot of Demerol and Phenergan because I was in so much pain, which didn’t do a thing for me.  I have been on bed rest for 7 days and miserable for most of those 7 days.  I had a clean MRI on Wednesday and an appointment with a neurologist today.

Apparently, I’ve had a viscious migraine, which caused many of my symptoms, which I knew some of.  I was having side effects of the pain medication, medicine I had taken before without issue, and it triggered mild seizures.  Since it was newly onset and very mild, it didn’t show up on the MRI.  So, now my medications have been straightened out and we’re working on getting my brain straightened out.  I’m going to have to change my diet slightly and pay extra special attention for the next week or so and watch my dizzy spells, but it’s good to have a solid starting point. 

Some of my other symptoms are still there and they are certainly nothing compared to what I’ve had, but my new doc says we’ll work on those when we get my brain under control.

Bottom line: I’m gonna live 🙂

…I’m in the same place I was on the 4th of July.  Bed.

I did get a fudge brownie sundae yesterday evening.  Didn’t work and, honestly, it didn’t even taste good.  I tried a pineapple milkshake this evening.  Still a no go and the taste just wasn’t good. 


I think even Pom Pom is tired of laying around and that’s saying a lot for one of the sleepingest dogs around.

Peace and love…

Today we are grateful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Our thanks and thoughts go to all those who have served, and continue to serve, to keep our country the best in the world.

My festivities include being able to keep food down and not collapsing everytime I stand up.  I’ve been ill – not contagious ill, but woozy, dizzy, lightheaded ill – this week and yesterday I passed out at work after a small meeting with my employees.  I went downhill after that  so  Will drove me to the ER where I was pumped full of fluids, forced to pee and had yet another gallon of blood drawn.  A CT revealed ye olde noggin is okay, but my right shoulder and hip are bruised from falling.  For those who may not know: concrete is hard and isn’t what I would recommend passing out on.   I’ve been out of bed for about 3 hours today and was super glad to get back in.   I slow cooked a Boston Butt the other night so we did have barbecue today.   I’m secretly hoping Will is going to make a trip somewhere to bring me a special treat – maybe a hot fudge brownie sundae from Bruster’s. 

I hope you all are enjoying your day and take a minute to reflect on what it means to be an American.  It truly is a blessing to live in our great Nation.

Peace and love from our family to yours.

Seriously.  I don’t know if I’m the only one in the free world who despises it or not, but I hate white noise.  Our ceiling fans are uber quiet and get replaced the moment they get a little hum that can’t be quieted.  The sounds of fountains and the ocean make my skin crawl while I’m trying to relax. 

There is new “white noise” in the house.  It’s Will’s CPAP machine.  Granted, it has replaced the snoring and it’s not that loud, but I can’t freaking get used to it.  That little hum and occasional whistle drives me batty.  I’m glad he’s resting the best he has in the past 35 years because I’m not.  Yes, I have earplugs on my nightstand and I can only wear one…otherwise, I won’t hear Olivia if she wakes and Lawd knows he’s not going to hear her…He’s a hard sleeper and didn’t before and he sure isn’t now strapped in like Darth Vader.

Just thought I’d bitch a little.  I’m good now.  Thanks.


Peace and love….

  • I have drafts started and saved of all the funfilled things that have been happening around Chateau L.  I just simply can’t get in motion to get them finished.
  • There are a few of you who still hang around, and I’m grateful for that.
  • I have over 2,000 unread blog posts in my feeder.
  • We’ve had an anniversary, a vacation and a birthday come and go in my bloggy absence.
  • I’ve had more blood drawn than vampires can suck.  I’ve been prodded more than a farm full of cattle.  And ye olde ta-tas went in for bubbie check 2009.   Mammograms suck, although they are muy importante…so girlies, pay attention to dems bubbies.  Know what they are supposed to feel like so if something odd should come up you are aware and it’s not just what’s on the inside…know the lay of the land, if you will, on the outside.  (dontcha just love “bubbies”?  So stolen from Real Housewives of New Joyzee)
  • I have something.  Don’t know what it is, hence blood work and prodding.  I don’t have a fever, but every muscle in my body is contracting at once.  Damn, I wish my arse was this tight under normal circumstances – along with my calf and thigh mucles.   I don’t have chills, but my hair is so dry it could spontaneously combust.  My fingernails are splitting, peeling and doing all sorts of funky stuff.  My migraines are back with a vengeance.  And my skin.  Holy hockey sticks is my skin all funky.  All outwardly signs that something ain’t jiving within the blob of my body.  My thyroid has been checked and is well within normal limits.  First round was last Thursday and all was supposed to be well.  I shot that theory to heck and back.  I’ve gone downhill in the past 3 days.  Big weekend planned with my parents at the coast, but as long as my head is swimming and my balance is off, I don’t think we’ll make it.  I have to have something else done by Thursday since my doc’s office is closed on Friday.
  • Olivia is almost a teenager.  No, not really, but it sho does seem like it.

I miss you all and hope you are all doing well.

Peace and love.

Friday, June 5

First, thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers.  The good word today is my cousin is hanging on with everything she has.   She developed a fever yesterday, but it is back to normal today.  Adrenaline is wearing off and her parents are exhausted, as are other friends and family members.  My mom and an aunt drove down yesterday and Fabul-O and I are headed this afternoon.

There are so many unanswered questions as to what happened and the only one who can give answers is the guy she was with and my understanding is he is saying very, very little at this point.

We’re all hopeful and praying for the best.


My family could use some prayers and good thoughts.

I got a call this morning about a younger cousin who was in a tragic boating accident yesterday.  There are some rough days that lie ahead for my aunt and uncle.  Please hold my family in your thoughts and prayers, including those who will be on the road traveling this morning to go provide as much comfort and support as possible.

Tell one extra person you love them today and, when you hug, hug tight.

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