I have a new love.  Whole chickens.  Who knew they were so much fun?  Well, fun might be a little extreme, but I am smitten with the birds.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve pretty much stopped buying boneless, skinless chicken breasts unless they just happen to be a really good deal.  I have found the flavor of cooking bone-in chicken breasts is so much better.

Thinking back, I think I’ve only cooked one whole chicken before and it was when I tried the slow cooker chicken where you prop it up on aluminum foil balls, season it and slow cook it all day.  I can’t remember how it turned out…obviously it didn’t make that swell of an impression or I would have done it more than once.  I guess, in a way, I was afraid of cooking a whole chicken.  Why?  Couldn’t tell you.  Maybe it was the thoughts of not having the meats clearly defined for me like they are when I buy them in a package.  Maybe it was the thought that I wouldn’t use it all and would end up wasting it.  Don’t know.  Whatever the reason, it was silly, I’m sure.  I love cooking whole chickens.  I love cooking whole chickens in my Pampered Chef deep dish covered baker (32 minutes for a 5 lb. bird in the microwave!!).  I hate I only bought 2 when I found them on sale for $0.59/lb.  They are so freaking budget friendly and those bad boys are loaded with meat.

The first one I cooked, I forgot to save the carcass until I heard it crinkle the bag in the trashcan.  I saved this last one and I’m going to freeze it and make a carcass soup that Shannon makes with her turkey carcass when I get another carcass to go with it.  (I love the word carcass)  Will let you know when it happens.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.