Well, it’s not really a farm and the chicken was store bought.

Last week at the grocery, I bought 2 whole chickens.  It’s been a long, long time since I’ve bought whole chickens because, well, there is no real reason.  This time they were $0.59/lb, so I got (2) 5ish lb birds for $3.00 each knowing each bird would give us 2 meals.  I was going to bake it and decided against it.  Was going to cook it in my Flavor Wave oven, but decided against it, so I used my “magic pot” – known to the rest of the free world as Pampered Chef’s Deep Covered Baker.

I dumped the bird of his innards, rinsed, drained, and patted him dry.  I used Adobo seasoning with cumin and rubbed under the skin and sprinkled some in the cavity of the bird.  Plopped that bad boy into the pot, put the lid on, put it in my microwave for 32 minutes.  It needed to come up about 8 degrees more, but letting it rest would take care of that.  While it was coming up to temperature, I made corn and a box of stuffing.  Dinner was easy peasy tonight and the chicken was delicious.  It doesn’t brown like it does in the oven, but we aren’t skin eaters anyway – unless it’s southern fried,  so it doesn’t matter to us.  What does matter, is the chicken is so moist, tender and delicious.

Chicken $1.50 (half of $3 chicken)

Box of stuffing $0.89

Creamed corn (one can whole kernel, one can creamed, dollop of sour cream) $0.75

I’ll round dinner up from $3.14 to $3.30 to count the shakes of Adobo Seasoning with cumin I used.  By the way…I LOVE the Adobo seasonings…they are found on the aisle with the mexican food and they have a few different ones.  They have great flavor and you don’t need a truckload to season your meal AND the prices are pretty good and they last a long time.

No one is packing left overs because I need to repurpose the rest of the chicken tomorrow night for dinner…not sure what that will be yet.  So feel free to throw out a suggestion or two.