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I’m alive.  I’m still unemployed, but I’m alive.  Nothing too exciting has has been going on around here.  I haven’t posted any recipes becuase we’ve been doing a lot of repeats because my mojo has been a little off.   When I get that one little ounce of sunshine, a pound of grey covers it over.  It’s a cycle.  I’m aware it’s a cycle.  And I do what I can to keep my chin up during said cycle.

A couple of weekends ago, the fabulous Shanny through a kickin’ baby shower for the wonderful Shannon…a mustache themed babyshower.  You kinda gotta know the backstory, but it involves Shannon’s husband who has a very dark mustache and is affectionately referred to as “mustachio” by some.   There were pink beads, cupcakes, delicious punch (O.M.G. Baby shower punch is the best evah.  Hawaiian Punch, ginger ale and sherbert.  Divine) and a game of Pictionary where there were some pretty crude pictures drawn to represent something so simple.  All I know is when you hear dirty words fly through the air, you hang on by your sugar high and ride with it.

Fabul-O is just that…Fab.  She’s learning more and more and is becoming such a 6 y.o.  I mean, I know she’s six, but she’s starting to act 6 with a tinge of the 2s, a helping of the 3s, a slice of the 4s and the whines of the 5s.  I’m not sure if I’ll make it all the way to 7.  She went to the dentist the other day for her cleaning and x-rays.  She was born without two of her bottom teeth.  The hygienest had us both in near tears talking about implants and extractions, etc.  I reminded the lady that Fab was only 6 and didn’t even have a loose baby tooth yet, but I’m sure we had PLENTY of time to discuss cosmetic options when the time was appropriate.  Finally she backed off.   She was a champ for all her x-rays, including bite wings.  I have to go tomorrow and I totally wish I had some valium.  I hate the dentist with a white hot passion.  After we left, she said to me, “Mommy.  I have glasses, I don’t have your color skin and now I’m missing teeth?  What else is wrong with me?”  Talk about Mommy melt down.  Holy crap.  I reminded her that I wear glasses, I don’t have her color skin and I’m missing some teeth, too, and that one day the rest of the world would be lucky to catch up and be as cool as we are.  Then I gave her ice cream.   She was content and has only asked me about not being born with those teeth a few times.   Insecurities: Round 3.

I got the “Why didn’t I get born from your tummy” question last week.  We’ve had the conversation before, but we had it again.  The older she gets, the more detail she requires and I shouldn’t be at a loss for words because I practiced it forever.  I’ll get it.  I’m good like that.
Went to a seminar about making myself marketable in the job market last week.  I got some valuable feedback and they reviewed my resume. I thought it looked good.  Granted, it does LOOK good, but it needs some tweaking, so she told me what to do and I’m working on revamping it.  They will review it again and the CEO will be have a one-on-one session with everyone to go over questions about getting back into the groove of applying for jobs.  I took a little hiatus to work on some things and now I’m ready to get back at it.

We are going to be farming in the ‘hood again this year…I have some piccies from our starter seeds, but we’ll leave that riveting post for another day.

Hope you all are fabulous…those who still stop in from time to time, that is….

Be well…


I have a new love.  Whole chickens.  Who knew they were so much fun?  Well, fun might be a little extreme, but I am smitten with the birds.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve pretty much stopped buying boneless, skinless chicken breasts unless they just happen to be a really good deal.  I have found the flavor of cooking bone-in chicken breasts is so much better.

Thinking back, I think I’ve only cooked one whole chicken before and it was when I tried the slow cooker chicken where you prop it up on aluminum foil balls, season it and slow cook it all day.  I can’t remember how it turned out…obviously it didn’t make that swell of an impression or I would have done it more than once.  I guess, in a way, I was afraid of cooking a whole chicken.  Why?  Couldn’t tell you.  Maybe it was the thoughts of not having the meats clearly defined for me like they are when I buy them in a package.  Maybe it was the thought that I wouldn’t use it all and would end up wasting it.  Don’t know.  Whatever the reason, it was silly, I’m sure.  I love cooking whole chickens.  I love cooking whole chickens in my Pampered Chef deep dish covered baker (32 minutes for a 5 lb. bird in the microwave!!).  I hate I only bought 2 when I found them on sale for $0.59/lb.  They are so freaking budget friendly and those bad boys are loaded with meat.

The first one I cooked, I forgot to save the carcass until I heard it crinkle the bag in the trashcan.  I saved this last one and I’m going to freeze it and make a carcass soup that Shannon makes with her turkey carcass when I get another carcass to go with it.  (I love the word carcass)  Will let you know when it happens.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Well, it’s not really a farm and the chicken was store bought.

Last week at the grocery, I bought 2 whole chickens.  It’s been a long, long time since I’ve bought whole chickens because, well, there is no real reason.  This time they were $0.59/lb, so I got (2) 5ish lb birds for $3.00 each knowing each bird would give us 2 meals.  I was going to bake it and decided against it.  Was going to cook it in my Flavor Wave oven, but decided against it, so I used my “magic pot” – known to the rest of the free world as Pampered Chef’s Deep Covered Baker.

I dumped the bird of his innards, rinsed, drained, and patted him dry.  I used Adobo seasoning with cumin and rubbed under the skin and sprinkled some in the cavity of the bird.  Plopped that bad boy into the pot, put the lid on, put it in my microwave for 32 minutes.  It needed to come up about 8 degrees more, but letting it rest would take care of that.  While it was coming up to temperature, I made corn and a box of stuffing.  Dinner was easy peasy tonight and the chicken was delicious.  It doesn’t brown like it does in the oven, but we aren’t skin eaters anyway – unless it’s southern fried,  so it doesn’t matter to us.  What does matter, is the chicken is so moist, tender and delicious.

Chicken $1.50 (half of $3 chicken)

Box of stuffing $0.89

Creamed corn (one can whole kernel, one can creamed, dollop of sour cream) $0.75

I’ll round dinner up from $3.14 to $3.30 to count the shakes of Adobo Seasoning with cumin I used.  By the way…I LOVE the Adobo seasonings…they are found on the aisle with the mexican food and they have a few different ones.  They have great flavor and you don’t need a truckload to season your meal AND the prices are pretty good and they last a long time.

No one is packing left overs because I need to repurpose the rest of the chicken tomorrow night for dinner…not sure what that will be yet.  So feel free to throw out a suggestion or two.

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