Tonight I made homemade corn tortillas. It was pretty simple, but my enamel coated cast iron pan just isn’t quite it. Will need to get a regular ‘ol cast iron skillet. I only made half a batch, just in case they didn’t turn out well.

1 cup masa harina (corn flour – Maseca is one brand)
1/8 tsp salt
2/3 c. water – roughly…just kept adding until it was the right consistency.

1. Put corn flour and salt in a bowl and mix up. Add water. Mix by hand until all blended. You will know it’s right when the dough doesn’t stick to your hands or the side of the bowl.
2. Make golf ball sized balls of dough (the full recipe will make 16. I had 8 )
3. Put in center of tortilla press lined with a Ziploc bag and press.
4. Cook on cast iron skillet – no oil or anything – 10-15 seconds. Turn over and cook the other side.
5. Done.

Was very simple. Like I said, I need a cast iron skillet. Lining the tortilla press with the Ziploc bag was a great idea (thanks to the You Tube video I watched) and the tortilla peeled off of it without issue, but do it carefully.

What did I do with them? Made pork tacos.

1 lb. pork (I used pork chops and just cut it away from the bone) ($3.02)
2 TB Goya Sofrito (.25)
1 small onion – sliced into rings (.29)
1 can tomatoes with chiles (.60)
Goya Adobo with cumin – a few shakes
Chili powder – a few shakes

Serve with:
homemade tortillas (.30 for 8 )
rice (free)
corn with butter sauce (.60)

1. Put pork and onions in skillet to brown. (I left a little fat on the pork chops so I didn’t add extra oil)
2. When about half way done, add Sofrito and mix. Add in tomatoes and seasonings.
3. Cook until done – I let it simmer for about 35 minutes or so while I made the tortillas.

It was good and definitely something I’ll make again. Will and I are the only two who ate it – was a little spicier than Olivia likes, so she had a substitute main dish, but had corn and rice with it.

Total cost of dinner: $5.06 and Will is going to take left overs for lunch tomorrow.