*squee* NOT.

It’s a sales position and I’m REALLY not a salesperson. Not since I sold jewelry many moons ago. I love diamonds. They are pretty and it was always fun helping a guy buy the diamond that would make his girl’s dream come true. Didn’t have to be big or the best, but you know what he wanted and where he needed to be. My job was to find something and put that fit together. And I did.

Again, don’t get giddy wid it…I’m not a salesperson. Especially cold calling type sales. Just not my thing. Especially with an industry I know virtually nothing about. But you throw a couple of “inside sales” (read: people called and told me what they wanted and I told them what we had that would fit their situation) on your resume and, voila, you’re it. I flubbed the day I signed up with the staffing agency and I’ve been mock interviewing myself. So I’m taking this one as practice so, hopefully, when I get called back for another one, I’ll be better.

As an aside, I’ve applied for my dream job, but have a fear I won’t make it through the application screening process even though I think I would do a wonderful job with it, as do the friends I’ve told. No details because I don’t want to jinx it. A friend put my name out there to a friend of hers who works in that office, so we’ll see if anything comes of it.