I didn’t go to bed last night, well this morning, until after I dropped Olivia off at school…I’d say probably 7:45-8:00. I slept until about 11 and had to get up because I was the special guest today talking about Chinese New Year in her class. I was so proud of my girl for being proud of her culture. It’s slowly evolving and letting it happen in her time seems to be working well for us.

After that, we went to the grocery store to pick up some of our Friday e-VIC specials from Harris Teeter. Then it was time to come up with something for supper. There are a couple of new things I want to make, but I don’t have time for one of them and am missing a tool for the other, which I’ll be borrowing this weekend, so hopefully Sunday will reveal that one.

Tonight’s dinner was easy-peasy. Hamburger Helper with green beans and potatoes and corn bread for a grand total of $3.79

Ground beef: $1.90
Hamburger helper: $0.25
Green beans and poatoes: $1.15
Corn bread: $0.49

Hoping to sleep tonight because insomnia sucks.