We’ve been singing this song quite a bit lately and there’s a reason.  The backstory is my parents have sold their place on the coast.  They still have their boats at the marina, but the main house has been sold.  I’ll admit, it was a little bittersweet for me as they’ve had a place somewhere in Southport since I was in college, but they are grateful to be out from under the pressures of maintaining two homes that require constant prettying up, so it’s gone.  And I totally appreciate that.   That was one of the places we had to go for a vacation.  The other is our timshare through Wyndham Vaction Resorts.  We bought ours on the resale market and saved a LOT of money and it has served us well for the past seven years.  So, what to do now.  Will likes to camp.  I don’t.  It was hot, dirty and too much trouble for the amount of time we were there.  I’m a chronic hand washer and didn’t have that luxury while tent camping as our site had no water and the bath house was forever away and was nasty, even if I did decide to go down there.  That was a $400 weekend that remains packed up in storage only to be talked about in jest.

Moving on to Holiday Road.  Mom and dad decided their retirement needed to include a motorhome.  Come to find out, they have some friends who have some friends who had one for sale.  So B and F hooked mom and dad up with MJ and B and my camping future would forever be changed.   It wasn’t quite what mom and dad were wanting in one, so my dad called me.  It was an incredible deal.  Super sweet, to be exact.  Will and I talked it over and we decided we would become the new owners of Holiday Road.  This past Saturday it was official.  We drove down to Southport and picked her up.  We stayed at an RV campground that probably set the bar kind of high for my future of what to expect from an RV campground.  Will backed her right up, we hooked up the power, water and turned the a/c on.  Bliss.   This is my idea of camping.  There was no cable there and our satellite tracker is gone, so we had no television, but I did have the forethought to take some movies, so we watched movies when we were in.  She needs some cosmetic work and we’ll do it slowly and little bits at a time, but she’s awesome and we had a blast.

Meet Holiday Road:

Camping is so much more fun with appliances and a/c

Mar says these t-shirts will make our adventure complete.  While I think they’re awesome, I’m not quite ready to have Olivia repeat what my shirt reads