Today I participated in my first 5K in support of the Girl Scouts. It was an outdoor trail with some mild obstacles. I can some up how I did quite simply: got my tushie kicked. And we were passed, and beat by, the girl who got lost in the woods. At least she was gracious in telling us to keep up the good work as she left us eating her dust.

It seems as though all the work I’ve been doing in the gym made no difference. I also learned I still have a long way to go and trail running is nothing compared to a flat surface. Not even close.

But I completed it – walking much of the way. So humid and my recovery time was horrible. I ran without my glasses and it made me nauseous. It was hard to focus on uneven terrain. Finally, I also learned that it doesn’t take much to become dehydrated and once you get to that point, it ain’t good, so I’ll be drinking lots more water and will forge on at the gym.

Nausea, please go away.