The USMC Mud Run is just about a month away.  Man, where does time go?!?

We have finalized our t-shirt design and I’m working with the printer to get them done.  *squee*  Will post a piccie of it when done.  What?  Looking the part isn’t the most important thing?    I know it’s not.  Just teasing.

I’ve been consistent in my going to the gym and cross training.  Evening runs are the problem and mornings are totally out for me simply because I’m not a morning person.  I don’t function in the mornings and I surely don’t want to tack on the extra hour+ to the beginning of my day.  Hey, I’m honest about it, so that’s got to count for something.  While it might count, it doesn’t do much for preparing me.   I’m hoping my outdoor progress will be the equivalent to half my gym progress.  I’m good with that.  Dear teammates: Please remember you love me for me…not my athletic ability. xo

I’ve also started back to Weight Watchers.  This time it’s on the buddy system (Hi, A!!).  Week 1: Awesome.  Week 2: Weigh in showed I ate week 1.  Crap.  Here’s to hoping week 3 is back on track.  As much as I joked about it, I didn’t think week 2 was that bad of a grazing week for me and my food choices were pretty good.   We’ll see.

I’m trying hard to like running, but I just can’t seem to get it together.  I read bloggers who give me hope and inspiration, but, when it comes time to lace up the shoes, the mojo just isn’t there.   I want it to be so badly.  Someone told me when I get to where I’m consistent it will be better.   I hope so.  Now to work on getting consistent.

We bought bikes, but Olivia doesn’t really want to ride hers, so there’s not a whole lot we can do with that unless we go one at a time and that’s not fun.   Hoping to make it to the National Whitewater Center to do the ropes course as I’ve never actually done one and would like to before the run and we can ride the trails there, too.

My skydiving adventure keeps getting delayed by the weather.  Monday through Friday the weather is awesome in the morning.  Weekends all cloud cover.  I’ve been excited about it, but now I’m ready to just do it.  It’s getting annoying not being able to go.

There’s another something fun on our horizon, but I don’t want to post about it until we get it and it’s done.  Please don’t ask if it’s a baby.  It’s not.  As much as I wish it was, it isn’t.  Working on finalizing that in the next couple of weeks. We refer to it as “Holiday Road.”

This week’s goals are to continue working to turn my high hopes and aspirations into reality and keep on working towards love winning.

Be well…