Who doesn’t search for it?  Who doesn’t sit back and ponder, “exactly what is happiness?”  Some might say it comes chocolate dipped.  Others might say it’s  a fat, big ‘ol gut bustin’ piggy bank.  Apparently, it’s a little more simple than that…

No tan lines.  Crap.  I just knew a fat piggy bank and a gold box marked G0diva held my bliss.   While I appreciate finding the answer, my take on it is this:  It must be for those who have the ability to turn a color other than pink and fish belly white.  ‘Cause I’m a religious SPF50 girl who, if not careful, can burn by the light of the moon.   I know you’re all just dying to know where I found this gentleman sporting the faded blue tank…in the sporting goods department at the Wal Marks while waiting to get my salt water fishing license so I could enjoy the day trolling the ocean blue catching fish with my little Fabul-O.

And just so you know, I’m still holding out hope on the chocolate and a fat bank roll.