I sort of count Friday, but not really because it was just a bunch of freaking driving after getting off work late and running late and getting a slow start.  We arrived at our first destination at approximately 2 a.m.  SO, I count day 1 as the first full day away from ye olde homestead.

Well, the time finally arrived and we headed south for our trip to Diznee Werld.  We drove since it’s only about 560 miles.  Normally my threshold for driving is 5 hours – anything longer than that and I opt to fly, but we drove.  For lots of reasons.  When we decided to defect for Thanksgiving, I emailed a bloggy buddy, Loquita, in hopes of being able to meet her and her husband.  As luck would have it, we were able to.  I was super giddy because the stars finally aligned after a couple of failed attempts in the past.  To describe her in one word is hard, but I’ll use awesome.  Give me two words and I’ll say totally awesome.  LT (a.k.a. her husband, Husbeetle, his given name and the nickname of his given name) is so nice.  I wasn’t quite sure he would speak, but by the end of breakfast at a very tasty little place, he had laughed a handful of times and used words.  Now, I joke about that because I think we both had a concern that Will and LT would be a pair of mutes, but they surprised us and made small talk among themselves.  We talked, laughed, and chatted it up.  For those who have followed her blog, she is just like you imagine her, but only better.  Thanks for taking a couple hours out of your day to meet us.  I wish we would have more time and hopefully we’ll be able to do it again.

If she gives me permission, I’ll share our picture, but, until then, I present to you birds.  We found an open gate to a dock and I went down and took some pictures.  I totally got busted by a park ranger, but this is what sea birds along the coast of SC/GA look like….


 After good-byes we were off…..

We are timeshare peeps so, for all but one day, we stayed off Diznee property.  Our timeshare company has a property that is considered one of the W*D*W* resort properties, but it has been booked up for eons, so we traded at another property managed by them for “free,” Star Island Resort.  We had a full-size kitchen, washer and dryer and Fabul-O slept on the pull-out couch.  Worked wonderfully. 



By the time we got settled, had dinner and wanted to head to Downtown Diznee, it was kind of late and we were all pushing our limits and the littlest one of us wanted no part of any of it.  We came back and Fabul-O crashed almost immediately and we were about two steps behind her.