That would be suitcases and car, for those who may be curious.  Felt silly packing on Tuesday night, but when all I had to do was zip up the suitcase and load everything in the car tonight, I was glad I did.  I’m sure I’ll forget something, but that’s what T*rget is for, right?

Olivia wanted a “Diznee Werld cwedit card” (a.k.a. gift card) so I bought her one and loaded it with $10 at the Diznee Store last weekend.  She asked to look at it today so I handed it to her.  When we got home this evening I asked her where it was.  She told me she wasn’t sure; I figured it fell between the seats in the car and I would find it when I packed the car.  Tonight while packing the car, she came up to me and told me she told me a lie and went into a loooong story.  Long story short, she was “swiping” her credit card in the slot on the door of the van that the window shades roll down into and she dropped it.  It’s now inside the van door *sigh*.  She came clean on the lie, which I was proud of her for.  I’m glad I only put $10 on there because I had planned to call and add some more money to it for her.  We had a talk, I sent her in to brush her teeth, put her jammies on and go to bed early. She was really upset and cried hard because I was mad at her.  I felt horrible, but I know it comes with the territory and she knows not to put things around that area, etc. We had another talk, hugged, kissed and snuggled in for the night. I love that kid so much.  I want so badly to always do the right thing, which I know won’t always happen, but I’m glad of a couple of things.  One is that she owned up to what she did and understood it was wrong.  Second is that she understood why she got in some trouble and was able to explain it back to me in her own way, which tells me she truly understands.  Third is that we never ever end our day on a sour note.  She gives great hugs and I’m glad I as many as I want each and every day.

Time to try and get some sleep….

G’night ya’ll….