So much to bitch and ramble tell about…where do I begin?

  • Fabul-O has been mega stuffy the past several days so I called the doc’s office. They were slammed today and not able to work her in.  Don’t gasp, she doesn’t have a fever and normally I wouldn’t stress over it, but since we go on vacation, ohhh, in four more sleeps, I wanted to be safe.  Our doc’s office has an attached urgent care and it was suggested that we go there.  She must have heard the hesitation in my voice because she followed up with that it only costs our usual office co-pay to be seen since we are established patients.  I’m holding off on the “score” until I get the bill.  They wouldn’t take our co-pay at the window because we pay a percentage vs. a set amount.  BUT, we were in and out in an hour and that included a flu test, which was negative.
  • Because we made our detour to the doc’s office tonight, it threw off my routine a weensy bit so I flip-flopped what I had planned for the evenings and we are packed for vacation!  There are two small loads of laundry to be completed and socks to match, but if we left tomorrow, we’d be fine.  *woot*
  • While packing, I’ve noticed something very disturbing.  My being a paperweight with my health issues for the past several months has packed on some weight.  Quite a bit, I might add.  My jeans still fit – bless that 2% of spandex, I suppose.  Where has it all settled?  In ye ole ta-tas.  Dadgummit.  If we were headed to Maine or somewhere cold, I’d be perfect ’cause your buttons don’t bulge in a hoodie.  My cute button up blouses?  Ain’t happening.  A recurrence of a migraine has kept me grounded, but…
  • When Mar and crew came to Chateau L, she really does have the same tennis shoes that I loathed.   After talking with her, it was discovered these particular shoes run a tinsy bit small – okay a half to full size.  I reordered them in a half size bigger and they are okay…just need to be broken in, but totally doable.  Had I ordered a full size larger, I’m sure they would be grand, but the right one eats my sock now and I can only imagine if there was more room for my socks to bunch.
  • I need to have my hair did, but I’m on the fence about where to go.  I found a new salon when they sponsored a day of pampering for National Guard wives not too long ago, but my first visit there was e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e., even with the “new customer” discount.  The color was fantabulous.  The best I’ve ever had, but I’m not so sure that justifies the money to get it done. Seriously.  I had a follow-up appointment, but chickened out and will reschedule somewhere after Thanksgiving.  My friend JW gets her hair done at a different salon and her hair always looks smoking.  So, roots until I get home.
  • I’m looking forward to this trip on so many levels.  Olivia loves the wonder in everything and I’m really hoping Disney will be no different.  I have our itinerary pretty much laid out and will need to tweak it a little, but our main game plan is done.  There’s a lot we want to do while we’re gone, so a plan was a must!
  • I have my alarm set to wake and see the meteor shower, but I’m betting I say screw it when it actually goes off.

I hope all is well in the lands of you……….