we have:

(3) stuffy noses

(2) headaches

(3) grumpies- one of which is mega grumpy because (s)he went to bed at 2 a.m. with two during the night wake up hollas from one cute little girl who was miserable who ended up bounding into our bed about 4 and proceeded to whale on me all night in her sleep so now I have bruised kidneys to go with everything else.  And began our day at 7 a.m.

(1) sore throat

(1) thinks they may not be feeling well, but is too much under the cloud of being tired and grumpy to know fo sho.

(1) super sneezer

This time next week, we will be having breakfast with a fellow milspouse blogger on our way do Diznee Werld.  That is if we all stay well.  O is feeling the worst of the bunch, but I’m gonna keep fighting it.  I’m thinking plastic bubbles for everyone. I can’t have this trip messed up.  It’s been too well planned to go down the toilet.  Oh, and I need a nap.  It’s only 9:00.

For those who know  Fabul-O’s obsession with snacks:  They have been bought and are ready to go.  They are in the Operation Diznee staging area.

We need some good health ju-ju “sewiously” ’round these parts.