Last month, we attended a gala for the North Carolina Heroes Fund.  As a “parting gift” we were given a bottle of Zinfandel from One Hope Winery

One Hope has five different wines and each supports a different cause.  If you click on the wine link below, it will take you to that wine’s page and you can read why they chose that particular wine for that particular cause and it will tell you what charity it is supporting.  I have only had the Zinfandel – and it’s not a white zinfandel – and I like it.  I took a couple of bottles of the Cabernet Sauvignon to Shannon’s for her Autism Awareness cookout. 
Zinfandel: Troops

Cabernet Sauvignon: Autism

Merlot: Aids Awareness

Chardonnay: Breast Cancer

Sauvignon Blanc: The Planet

One Hope is not a charity; they are a for-profit company making a difference and I think it’s worth a whirl around their website to check ’em out.