Had a little girl’s night last night at the home of a wife of a Soldier in Will’s unit.  Sounds like an awfully long description, but I met her for the first time at their wedding last summer and haven’t seen her since.   In true southern fashion, I took dessert with the dish as a gift and an invite back to my house.  I asked Mar if it was classier to show up at someone’s house you didn’t know with a 12-pack of beer or a 5th of liquor.  She said 5th; it would make me look tough.  Hardly since it was Malibu, but it sho was good with my pineapple/orange juice as a mixer. 

It was a good time with lots of giggles and swapping of stories.  Two of her BFFs were there and, while I enjoyed their company, it made me miss my BFFs tremendously.  Our time’s a coming…at some point.