Fabul-O and I hit up IKEA for a little retail therapy this afternoon.  We’re transitioning her room into more of a little girl and phasing out some of the baby toys she doesn’t play with.  Kids ate free so that was nice.  my I needed to move down on my list, but head was swimmy, a couple of spells of light headed and my ears felt like they were clogged with mud.  So, we ventured home. 

But my other needs are still there.  Will needs some new shirts.  I could send him out into the wild yonder to buy his own, but I’m afraid they would all come back out of the “garanimals for grownups” theme I have going with his wardrobe.  *gasp* Will can’t match his own clothes?  Sure he can.  If he picks from the groupings I’ve bought.  But it’s not just him…If you ever see Olivia out with pink flowers, red polka dots and something purple with a tinge of lime green…she hasn’t lost her sight.  Will dressed her.  Not so much garanimalesque for her.   It’s one of those Y chromosome things we work around.  I shop, he wears.  Simple.   He’s happy and I’m not embarrassed. 

I bought a lot of Olivia’s school clothes from Land’s End.com this year.  Years past I’ve been pleased with their clothes and this year was no different.  Their jeans aren’t for us, so I finished up with Old Navy jeans.  She’s HUGE into dresses so I picked up some summer frocks with leggings so she can wear her dresses and play freely on the playground.  I also hit up their most recent markdowns for some cordoroury skorts and sweaters.  Love a good sale.  I looked into LL Bean, but I always feel like I need to be buying something to go moose hunting when I shop their, but I lurve their clothing.   What I love even more are the secret coupon codes I find either in my email in box or on retailmenot.com. 

We’re getting ready to add a room on – well, it’s more of an enclosure of the porch we never use.  Yes, THE room I’ve mentioned a couple of times before.  I bought the windows for it and a customer of mine is having a super duper sale in a couple of weeks so I’m hoping to pick up the double french door we need.  Eventually we’ll have to work through and re-create our ghetto-fabulous patio that’s there.  I have a couple of contractors I’ve designed kitchens for and made cabinets for so I’m hoping one of the will be willing to help me out including using Will and me as labor to save some $$ there.  Our goal is to have most of it done by end of the month.  The framing and setting windows and insulating and drywall shouldn’t take more than a weekend. (it’s only 10×10)  I’m most conconcerend about the outside being finished than the inside because we can certainly finsih the inside ourselves.  I will get to pick out a ceiling fan and window treatments.  Lurve a baragin.

So I’m off to find supplies that are at a mega budget that will give us a little more playing room around our place.  Hope it turns out okay.