This weekend is the gala for the NC Heroes Fund.  I’m doubly excited because not only is it a fund raiser in support of North Carolina’s military, but my cookbook is supposed to be one of the silent auction items.  I know it’s not the cruise or fancy things others donated, but it’s mine and I’ll revel in my glory.  If they use it.   So, I needed a dress.  And I bought one.  It was a 70% off.  It’s the only dress that I have EVER bought that needed to be altered in the bubbies area ’cause it was too big.  argh.  I had an alterations appointment set, but, as I was getting ready to walk out the door, I simply could not bear to spend the savings on the dress in alterations, so I had a brilliant idea.  I broke out some safety pins and it worked like a charm.  I’ll need some double sided tape to complete it, but it will keep the front of my dress from lo0king like one of those things you toss change in at a toll booth.  Mind you, had someone had the urge to toss some coinage in the cleavage I would donated it to the cause.

Roots done. Hair highlighted last night.

Hotel room booked.

Hair appointment for an updo or semi-updo made.  Nothing like booking a hair appointment at an out of town salon.  How did I find it?  I googled “hair salon” and used google maps to judge its proximity to the hotel and it was 6 miles.  I told an out of town friend where I was going and she checked with her salon and she said it has a good reputation and, in her words, “you should be safe.”

Will’s tux should be better be ready to pick up tomorrow evening.

Just gotta throw a few duds in a bag and we’ll be set.  Didn’t pay to have my dress steamed either, so it’s hanging in the guest bath for a steamy shower this evening.  After that, I’ll iron it with a cool iron under a pillow case.  Hey, it worked with my wedding dress.

With safety pins, double sided tape and shower steaming my dress, I wonder why I even bothered to have my roots done.

Be well…