Monday we had the battle of the butterfly dress for Fabul-O’s first day of school and I won.

Tuesday she had an accident.  I walked in to pick her up and she didn’t have her shoes on so my first question was where were her tennis shoes?  The afternoon teacher, in the high pitched hushed whisper, said, “She had an accident and it got her shoes wet.”  Olivia hasn’t had an “accident” in a year.  Maybe more.  The kid has been going potty on the potty since she was about 20 months old.   The last time I can remember was when she was learning about brushing her teeth good and she was enjoying the taste of her toothpaste and didn’t want to put the brush down long enough to go.  She learned she can always come back to brushing.  This bothered me because the teacher told me that she couldn’t get the buckles undone on her shorts and maybe I should consider buying her other types of shorts/pants to wear.  Okay…this went over about as well as the part of the conversation where she told me to BUY her a new pair of shoes to keep in her bag in case we had this issue again.  Back to the shorts.  Fabul-O has a tiny hiney.  She can still wear size 24 month shorts.  Hell, she hsa one pair that is 12 months she wears and loves.  These were a 3T she had on so I know they were loose in the waist anyway, but, get this…THEY.HAD.NO.BUTTONS.OR.BUCKLES.  Hello Einstein, elastic all the way around.  I know my child is potty trained and has been for quite some time, but I also know about the herd that lines up for the potty during breaks and that when it’s her turn to go, she’s gotta go so she needs to be able to get ’em off quick.  I also know that sometimes she might wait a little long and push the timing of holding it.  She was embarrassed because her shoes were wet and they made her sit on the bench outside and finish watching the other children play, but Squeaky teacher did invite the other kids over to tell her it was okay that she was sitting play time out.  I advised Squeaky teacher I would not be buying any other shoes, I would be putting a pair of her Cr*cs, or the like, in her bag for instances such as this.  She started to protest and tell me Cr*cs are against the dress code.  Buying back up shoes she’s likely to only wear the next time you ignore her on the playground when she tries to tell you she has to go potty and wets her pants is against my budget.  My budget wins.  Somehow I’m believing Olivia on this one.   It’s ironic, or maybe it’s not, when we were packing O’s book bag Sunday  night for the first day of school, I told her exactly where in her bag to look for her backup clothes and she told me, “Mommy, I’m a big girl, I don’t pee-pee in my pants anymore.”  I told her it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry and remember where they were if she needed them.  When we talked about it later, she told me, “Mommy, I guess I’m not as big as I thought.”  Dude.  That totally smacks you right in the heart.  I reassured her and we went through the whole accidents happen, blah, blah, blah, but what hurt her the most is she was singled out.  We survived Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, about 4:15ish or so, she walks into my room and tells me her nose is bleeding.  I turn my light on and she’s right.  Her nose is pouring blood and her pjs are soaked.  I went to her room and she was upset because she, “tried to stop it so I didn’t wake you up” and had blood all over her comforter and blanket.  We stripped the covers, cleaned her up, and got everyone settled back.  She’s had nosebleeds before and knows how to pinch her nose, tilt forward, etc.  She did everything perfectly, she just needed some help.  Fast forward to about 10:30…I get a call from her school.  Another nosebleed.  They were waiting in line for potty time before lunch and it just started bleeding.  I told her teacher what we do to stop it (same thing Olivia had told her) and I left work to go check on her to make sure she was okay since she had one episode of something already in the week.  I got there and she was okay, but promised she had not been picking her nose and that it just started. They changed her shirt into the backup shirt and we all went on with our day.  At 5:00 I got a text message from another mom who saw Olivia in the office at school with another nose bleed.  This shirt got tossed I wasn’t fighting that much blood out of it.  These were three of the worst ones she’s had.  She used to get them quite often as a baby and we’ve done the humidifier, the vaseline in the nose, the bacitracin in the nose, saline spray, etc.  She had one more last night.  Four in one day at that rate was enough for me, so an ENT visit was in order.  What hurt her the most was being singled out…not once, but twice.  In the same day.

Today…Her ENT has suggested cauterizing the blood vessels in her nose.  It was talked about in the past, but we were able to keep it controlled.  This isn’t typically “nosebleed season” where we live.   Right now we’re scheduled for it in a couple of weeks.  We all want what’s best for our kids and I think this may be what’s best for ours right now.  Blowing her nose can cause it to bleed.  Rubbing it can cause it to bleed.  Sneezing can cause it to bleed.  I never knew one little person could bleed so much.  Will gets nosebleeds and I’ve never seen his bleed as much as hers do.

Here’s to hoping we survive Friday.

Peace, ya’ll….