Guess who had her first day of K4?

1st day

That’s right.  Fabul-O started K4.  Why aren’t there more pictures of my precious daughter on her first day of school?  In no particular order:

  • We were running late.
  • She was not in the mood to cooperate.  Apparently I shoved her out of the house before she had enough time to say good-bye to the dog.  500 times was not enough.
  • We were running late.
  • We were lucky we got this and four more that look just like it because when I stepped out of the house into a bucket of humidity, the tinsy lens on my camera fogged over.
  • We were running late.

K4 is at the same school she started day care at.  They go day care through 12th grade.  So really to her it’s just another day of dropping her off just like we do every other day.  Except today I “made” her wear a butterfly dress.  Apparently she doesn’t really like butterflies, but she “wored it because she knowed it means awot” to me.  “The things we do for love.”  Her words, not mine.