Dr. Curry’s office hasn’t called with the results of my EEG.  If it was bad news, I’m guessing I would have heard by Friday.  If it was good news, I should have heard by Monday.  Now it’s Wednesday and I’ve not heard anything except rhetoric from his staff members.  My readjustment/taking of pain medication is on hold until we get the results because of the possibility there may be more going on with my noggin and certain medications can worsen it and cause further issues including kill me.   I’ve had a good few days, but today I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head.  I need to feel better, dammit.

It’s like spitting in the wind when I talk to his office.  He might be one of the best in our area, but I sure don’t feel like I’m getting best from him.  It might be little ‘ol headaches to him, but it’s got my life in freaking limbo.  Next on my list is a new neurologist.  Now I’ll do it since I’ve got the major testing I need out of the way.   He might could sway me with gold dipped puppies in diamond encrusted collars wrapped in hundred dollar bills.  But since it’s an HMO, I’m guessing that’s not gonna happen so I’ll move on.


Dr. Curry’s office has finally called back and my EEG ruled out the concern they had for something more serious.  So, he wants to watch me on my meds for a while and I’ll still be looking for a new neurologist.