The Guard strikes again.  So much, in fact, Will got a call from his 1SG in Iraq yesterday telling him to stand strong and not back down.  It sucks that his COs, XOs and all Os are having to be pulled from their tasks in Iraq to clean up a paperwork fiasco here.  Granted, they’re the one’s who initiated the paper trail so they are involved in it and it wasn’t done before they left, but still.  

Will has more years of service than the rear det commander.  She’s the one who gave us 5 days to prove he was broken on active duty orders, which he did.  And they KNOW it.  This is a very, very important tid bit into this whole thing: he’s not deployed becuase he got hurt and THEY pulled his orders.  (too lazy to go back and search for the links to the posts – May ’08 he got hurt and I think it was in November ’08 they pulled his orders)  Just so you know, whenever I hear these words, my skin crawls, “….we’ll take the blouses off.  This sh*t needs to get fixed.”  In case ya’ll were wondering which part of that sentence I take issue with, it’s the blouses part (for non-military folk, that’s the camoflauge looking top that goes over their t-shirts)  And so you also know, that doesn’t mean he’s gonna scrap with a girl, it just means they’re going to have a conversation without the boundaries of rank. 

He hasn’t had time to get there, get in trouble and get sent home yet.  I’ll check in later.