Just because they make such riveting posts….

  • I made it to the mall today to see in person a dress I had found online for the NC Heroes Fund Gala next month.  Decent price and it was navy blue.  I’m tired of wearing black to events.  First, no one would help me and I couldn’t find it on my own so I headed to another store and found their special occasion dresses.  Found a dress.  Black.  Grrrr.  BUT it worked out to be a total of 75% off.  AND it fit without Sp*nx.  Now all I gotta do is wear them and be all svelt.  There is NOT an option of leaving the house without lycra of some sort.  It does have to be altered a little bit in the bubbies area.  For the first time in my entire life something is too big in the bubbies.  I already have shoes and accessories so for about $60 I’m set.
  • I had my 1/2 price pineapple upaide down cheesecake today.  I’ve never eaten at The Cheesecake Factory for $3.47, but I did today.  Woot.  I think I’m cheesecaked out.  I know, I know.  I should be.
  • Had my EEG today.  Won’t have results until tomorrow or Monday.  There is *slight* concern the results aren’t going to be as minor as once thought, but we aren’t going to talk about that.  I’m getting better, but I’m not where I need to be so my meds have been changed again to try and get me comfortable and then better.
  • Ya’ll remember the movie There’s Something About Mary?  Specifically, the part where Ben Stiller picked her up and had the, ummm, “hair gel” that made her hair stand on end?  I’m one of those folks who runs her fingers through her hair.  Well, EEG gal left me with wads of EEG gel in my hair from the electrode things that left me with some spiky hair.  You don’t push that stuff back down without it making knots and mats.  Oh, yeah…not to mention the red marks on my forehead where she measured and marked me.  They don’t tell you ’bout that before you leave.  At least Dr. Curry’s office doesn’t.  I was beee-yooo-teee-ful.
  • Was supposed to see Mamma Mia Sunday with a friend, but I got bailed on.  Via instant messenger.  Not even a text.  IM.  Disappointed, but life goes on.  I’m super glad I’m not the one who laid out the cash for the tickets, though.
  • I was a bad mom tonight.  I was a good mom because I stuck to the “rules,” but I was a bad mom because I stuck to the rules and I made Olivia cry.  I know you gotta do it, but the initial lip quivering had my stomach in knots.
  • I was a bad wife tonight.  I was a good wife because I stuck to the “rules,” but I was a bad wife because I nailed my point home a lot harder than I should have.  Will didn’t cry, though.  
  • Not sure why my Ambien won’t kick in. 
  • The new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is going to suck worse than the last season of it.
  • Dog treats that are shaped and colored like fried eggs just aren’t appealing and I think Pom Pom agrees.  The way her stomach is gurgling I think we’re going to chalk that one up to a loss.  I’m not sure who to blame that selection of treats on: Will or Fabul-O.