I’m beginning my sixth week of not feeling well.

On a scale of 1-10:

Headache: 4.5 (I’ve downgraded it from a migraine to simply a pain in the ass, but it will gradually grow full force to a 25 on the scale and remain there for a minimum of 11-15 hours up to two days)

Nausea: 11.5.  It simply will.not.go.away.  Zofr@n ain’t all it’s cracked up to be and I’m going back to Phenergan.  I used to get it in “bullet” form where it was kept next to the butter in my refrigerator.  When you’re sweating bullets from puking and being swept away by nausea, something cool fells nice.  I’m not going to explain it, g00gle the forms of Phenergan.  You’ll figure it out.

Overall health: 6

I’m severely fatigued and am suffering some major side effects of some of the medications I’m taking.  They all have side effects in common and, when you take and multiply them times four, it makes them four times more likely to happen.  When they happen, it makes it four times worse.  Yesterday the worse of it hit me like  ton of bricks.  While I’m slightly more pleasant to be around, my body is in pain like it’s never felt before.

I’m looking into airline tickets so when I get cleared for take off I can go somewhere and gossip.

This week is EEG.  Next week is rheumatologist.  I’ve pushed out cardiac heart monitor thing until September.  I’m not sure a heart monitor is the accessory I want to wear to the NC Heroes Fund Gala next month.  My doctors are in agreement with me so it’s not like I’ve totally bucked the system.

To test a cup of urine at the ER cost $439.00.  Now I know what to charge people when they accuse me of being pregnant.