Like there’s been anything else going on ’round here…

Sooo, you all know I’ve been in this vicious migraine game for several weeks now.  Five to be exact.  Nausea.  Dizzy.  Light headed.  Passing out.  I have a neurologist.  Much better than the beast of one I had several years back.  His office smells like curry when I go in there so we’ll call him Dr. Curry.  According to everyone I’ve told I’m seeing Dr. Curry, he is supposed to be one of the best and they want to know how I got an appointment with him.

Dr. Curry is the one who diagnosed with me with migraine induced seizures and gave me steroids and some stuff to get my brain working normally.  Well, on day 3 of my miracle meds, I collapsed and ended up at the emergency room where I was given lots of Demer0l and Vic0din to help ease the pain.  Dr. Curry wants to do an EEG and the ER said it can only be done outpatient so they couldn’t help me with that one.  I understood.  I was supposed to have an appointment with Dr. Curry last Friday and called his office on Tuesday, the day after my trip to the ER, with terrible pain and he put me off until today saying we would do follow up and an EEG in one appointment.  Family phsyician helped me control the pain.  Great.  Fast forward to today.

On a scale of 1-10, my mood was about an 8.5 because we were going to find out how my brain activity has been.   On the same scale I was about a 5.75 for pain.  I say success because I’m down from the 15+ I’ve been at.   Overall health was a 7 with minimal lightheadedness.

On my way to see Dr.  Curry, I get a voicemail to remind me of my appointment at 3:30.  Ummm, no.  I was supposed to be there well in advance of that so I called and they tell me something I couldn’t understand and it was to be 3:30 – office visit then EEG.  So, I had lunch at a restaurant I’ve never had before (great place) and then headed to the Cheesecake Factory where I had the Godiva Brownie Sundae. It was yummo, but I don’t think I’ll ever order it again.   Anyway, I run out of things to do, so I go to Dr. Curry’s about 30 minutes early and sign in.  He comes in and sees me and we rehash the past week and a half since I last saw him.  He writes me a prescription and tells me I need to come back because the EEG person wasn’t there.   Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal but here’s where my beef is with it…

  1. They knew when they called me at almost noon to “remind” me of my appointment why they were pushing me out, but said nothing.
  2. Did I mention at noon when I got the message and returned the call, I had been on the road for an hour and had an hour to go?  No?  I’m sorry.  I left something out.  It’s about a 2 hour drive from my office to Dr. Curry’s office with about an hour’s drive home.
  3. I could have easily turned back around and gone back to my office and finished out my day versus missing ANOTHER day of work and getting ANOTHER day behind.  PLUS they charged me a co-pay.

Folks, what happens to me is embarrassing for me.  When I’m speaking with someone, my mind just stops.  It feels like someone has jabbed a jagged pencil in one ear and it veers to the right and stabs me behind my eye and then they poke it in and out for a while.  I have to completely regroup my thoughts and sometimes I’m not able to.  My sentences will become jumbled and nonsense and I get frustrated.   My short-term memory is being affected by this – and it could very well just be me overreacting, but I know it’s not normal for me, therefore I address it as a concern.

I’m frustrated.  Yes, I could get referred to another neurologist, but there’s the waiting game for the appointment, their “plan A,” visit again for them to move onto “plan B.”   All of that will take longer than me waiting until next Thursday to have my EEG.  I did announce, making it abundantly clear, I was to be called if the EEG lady so much as sneezed and thought she wasn’t going to be there.  Otherwise, there had better be a backup.  They “understand my frustration” and will “make a note.”  Whatever.

On the way home, a rock hit the windshield of my new-have-only-made-one-payment minivan.  Guess what I get?!?

Just so you all know, next Thursday, my brain activity day, or July 30 as most of you will know it, is national cheesecake day. Cheesecake Factory is having half off the slice of your choice.  Did I mention Dr. Curry’s office is 5.46 miles from the Cheesecake Factory?  I’m going back for the pineapple upside down cheesecake again.  Either that Adam’s peanut butter.  Both are yums.

Coming up:  EEG (maybe), cardiac workup with a heart monitor and rheumatology appointment because my ANA is all wacked up.

High note of the day: My new prescription was free at the pharmacy.  That means I’ve hit my maximum out of pocket expenses for the year.  Maybe I’ll go back to the ER for some more Demer0l.  It’s free for me until October.

I’m taking a L0rtab and going to bed.  Night ya’ll.

Peace and love….