I totally couldn’t do the total bed rest thing today so I took a little adventure.  I headed into the big city and ended up at the Cheezecake Factry.  I had their white pizza with spinach – the lunch portion – that came with a tossed salad with the most delicioso Asian something or other dressing.  I was going to bring my cheesecake home with me until my waiter told me they had pineapple upside down cheesecake.  Holy hockey sticks…Describe it in one word?  Divine.  Another word? Heaven.  I ate it right there.  Yes.I.Did.  I must remember that steroid medications wipe out that stop-eating-right-now-because-you’re-full sensor.  I ate all my lunch…except for the pizza bones (a.k.a. crust), one slice of the pizza, a few bites of salad and the heel crust of my cheesecake.  Damn it was good.  And I could have licked my plates clean.  But I wouldn’t have ’cause I got table manners.  Yes I do.

I’m a good wife so I sent Will a text message to see if he wanted a slice of cheesecake home for when he returns from drill tomorrow.  He asked for banana creme.  I got him that and plain.  I’m sweet like that.  But ya’ll also know I’m a little selfish so I got me another slice of pineapple upside down and the peanut butter cup one.  For good measure I picked up a slice of chocolate oreo.   Don’t worry… I don’t think I’ll eat all 3 today.  It’s possible, though.  And I’m following orders and back on bed rest since I overdid it earlier so you know it’s headed straight to my arse and thighs. 

I did ask if I bought enough to make a whole cheesecake could I get the whole cheescake price.  They said no.  I asked even if I paid for the whole thing of the most expensive one I chose.  They said no.  Bitches.  So I stopped at the five.  Besides, I would have felt gluttonish shopping for a dress for a fundraiser next month with more than 5 pieces of cheesecake in tow.