That’s Fabul-O’s new favorite word.  Yes, she had to pick it up from somewhere and I’m refraining from either accepting responsibility or passing the blame.  

Her fever has been up and down.  When it’s down, it’s down.  When it’s up it is UP.  No hovering.  No gradual climbing.  It simply spikes.  She has sniffles, aches, pains, coughs and grumps.  But not really too much in the way of grumpy.  She’s always been good like that.  When she feels bad, she still keeps on ticking.  Love that about her, but sometimes I wish she just wanted to be held and loved and soothed by me.  *sigh*  I know…get to the point.

This morning, at 3:30 a.m., I was awaken by a very, very loud, “MOOOMMM.”  My first instinct from being awaken was to retort with, “My name is mommy.  What’s wrong?”  (Mind you, this is being shouted between bedrooms and Will is still snoring – except for that one big gurgle snort he gives when his slumber is being jostled)   The answer?  “My damn nose is bleeding again.”  And it was.

And that is how my Thursday began.