Just to fill space so I don’t have a big gap from one highlighted date on my sidebar calendar to the next.

  • Garden planted.  Will said he moved it this year, but I haven’t been in the back yard to see where yet. Olivia said he did, too, so it must be true.
  • Fever at Chateau L AGAIN. Man, I’m sick of this.  I can’t imagine how parents who have kids that pass it back and forth for weeks on end do it.  Olivia had a 104.4 and woke up with it about 2 a.m. Saturday morning.  She crashed about 7 p.m. without issue.  It goes up and down, but it’s highest has been  again is 101.5.  It was down this a.m. and we’re keeping a close eye out.
  • I thought she would feel bad, but once fever came down and was under control for a while Saturday, we went to my goddaughter’s birthday party.  Who let her turn 6?!?  The kids rode horses.  Was fun.  Pics to follow.  After I find my card reader.  Dang CF card won’t fit into the built in reader on my laptop.
  • A transmission service is expensive when you couple it with an oil change for a car that ONLY uses synthetic oil.  When your husband tells you, “it shouldn’t be too bad” ignore it and prepare for the worst.  I did pick up some air miles for it though.  And I know it’s cheaper than a new transmission.
  • I haven’t cooked in almost 2 weeks.  Seriously.  If you count cereal and sandwiches I have, but if you’re looking for warm and well-balanced… nope.
  • We might be getting more gravel for the drive way.  Depends on how much  “it shouldn’t be too bad” comes up to be.
  • Prom is next weekend.  I’m wearing red.  Not the little black dress that may or may not zip up.  I’m saving that for a date with my friend J in June.  We’re going to Phantom of the Opera.  Love.It.  The last time we saw it together was in NYC a few years ago.  The time before that was Ken Hill’s Phantom of the Opera while we were in college.  We took our mom’s to dinner, the show and then to a little nightspot we used to frequent.
  • One of my best friends is having a heart valve replacement Friday.  She’s a couple of years younger than I.  Pray for her, will you?  Or good wishes, happy thoughts, whatever you have to offer.  I was going to try and go down to be with her family, but my dad is having surgery Thursday and I can’t take O with me and my mom can’t watch her Thurs night.  So, I won’t be able to.  I know she’s going to be fine, but it’s a big deal and I love her to pieces.  I’ll make it down to see her soon.
  • Vacation is in one month.  I’m taking a couple of them this year.  Yes.I.Am.  Don’t worry, the family will be going with me.  (Hi, Mar!)
  • I’m hoping to hit up the frozen tundra after it thaws. MixedUpMama seems to think August should be fine 🙂  She has a gas powered margarita maker.  Yes. She. Does.
  • I finally grew up and got contacts.  I have 20/15 vision, but my stinking astigmatism keeps me from seeing clearly now that the rain is gone and I can’t see all the obstacles in my way.  Heh.  It was a little disheartening to hear I’ll lose my reading vision in the next couple of years.   By the way, contacts for football shaped corneas are expensive.
  • I hate that jeans have spandex in them.  Especially today since I forgot my belt.  Besides the fact they’ll be at my ankles by the end of the day, it gives a really crappy false sense of having lost weight throughout the day. Oh, and it’s only 2% spandex at that.