Yesterday, 4,000 of North Carolina’s National Guardsmen of the 30th HCBT bid farewell to their families and friends in Fayetteville, NC.  This is Will’s brigade, but ya’ll know he’s not going due to his injuries from last spring.  Will spoke to some by phone and others via IM and email.  We didn’t attend the send off due to the massive amounts of families and friends who would be in attendance and, as much as would have liked to, we knew families of the deploying soldiers would need to take top priority.  At least in our minds.  Those in charge of planning seemed a little off mark on this one.  You can check it out here, here and here.  (h/t to AWTM for the links)

They have had a lot of “issues” in these last few weeks leading up to the actual deployment and I told Will, had he been deploying with them, by the time I said my piece, he wouldn’t be able to get off the green ramp fast enough.

We wish them well.  We will pray for them.  We will stand tall for them as they perform the tasks and missions they are assigned.   We will support them as best we are able from the homefront.  They have been trained and our faith in them is strong, but they are stronger.

We will be waiting for your safe return home.  Godspeed, Soldiers.