I lurve coastal cities.  I know I’m getting close when my hair starts to frizz.  Oh, wait.  That was this morning when I stepped off my front porch into torrential rains.  The same thing happens when I get close to the coast, too.   I love the smell of ocean air. 

It’s been a looong day.  I was in the car and ready to go about 6:40, but couldn’t get my blue tooth to work, so my resident techie got me up and going and I hit the highway and then the interstate.  Holy. Cow.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to drive in big city rush hour traffic around those parts.  My commute is about an hour, including dropping Fabul-O off, but it’s miles versus traffic.  I almost got nailed 5 times by some lady cruising down the interstate trying to put her make up on and THEN the beyotch had the balls to flip me off.   I will take livestock trucks, combines and an occasional free range chicken crossing the road over that any day.

My first meeting was very informative and I was able to outdrive the rain about 1/3 of the way into the next leg of my trip.  I made it to Richmond well in advance of my second meeting and it, too, was pretty informative.  Then another 100+ miles to Virginia Beach and I are whooped.

I made it to my hotel about 10:40.  I had a room with 2 queen beds on the 2nd floor, which I booked when Fabul-O was going to come with me.  I asked for a king room when I checked in.  I’m on the 4th floor.  No biggie, except they are renovating the hotel and elevator 1 only goes to the 2nd floor.  You follow the signs down the hall on the 2nd floor, around a couple of turns and take the 2nd elevator to the 4th floor.  Is it a false positive that I’m on the top floor and there is no construction near my room?  It really isn’t THAT bad because you still gotta follow the halls down and around until you get to the usable rooms, which are across from elevator 2.   There are a lot of pissed off people here…apparently there was a flight that was cancelled and these folks are “distressed.” 

Roads in Virginia suck, but the rest stops are very, very nice. 

Turning in.  Early meeting tomorrow.  A bonus score on this trip is I get to meet a Sailor we adopted a couple of years ago.  He and his family are stationed here and due to the tropical storm in September when I was here last, we weren’t able to get together.  I’m looking forward to putting a person with the care packages and letters we’ve sent.  It’s a true bonus to be able to meet the person who eats your cookies 🙂

Happy Thursday, folks.