With some business stops along the way, I’m heading up to Hampton Roads for SpouseBuzz Live.  I went last year and LOVED it.  I met several milspouse bloggers and am looking forward to seeing them again and meeting some new ones.

Even though I have Roxy, I always back her up with Mapquest directions.  Per MQ, I have about 600 miles to cover from my front door, leaving at 6:30 a.m, until I reach my hotel tomorrow night, which I’m guesstimating between 10 and 11 p.m.

Fabul-O is vacationing with the grandparents for the next few days and bought a brand new fishing pole so she can fish at the pond at my parent’s place with Papa.  This morning she left armed with a bucket to put snacks in for Papa and her and a plan. Her snack list included crackers and marshmallows.  I went out on a limb and asked her, “Why marshmallows?” She told me very matter of factly, ” ‘ cause dems good.”  She’s right.  Her plan is to catch as many fish as she can, slice them carefully and fry up in the crock pot.   I love a girl with a plan.

Enjoy the rest of your week.