Our list of ailments:

  1. I’m an insomniac.
  2. I routinely wake with numb limbs from my pittance of sleep I get nightly.
  3. Will snores.
  4. He is uncomfortable with his back.

We’re working on other solutions, but the first one to get put into place is a new mattress set.  I set my sleep number to 45 and I’m hoping for the best.

This set of mattresses puts me sleeping about 8″ lower than the other set.  It looks odd and it feels odd; I feel like I’m sleeping too close to the floor since I’ve been so high for so many years.  If I wake rested, or even halfway close to rested, I’ll only complain minimally until Will adjusts the bed frame.  The two pluses are Olivia doesn’t have to repel off the bed now and Pom Pom can get up and down on her own.

My allergies are off the chart tonight from stirring the dust bunnies.

I hope we all rest well with sweet, sweet dreams.