I K E A opened in Charlotte this week.   My first trip was with Shanny to Atlanta and we visited Lisa and Eammon.  It was more than I could wrap my feeble mind around.   When I found out they were coming to our area, I ordered the catalog and poured over the pages trying to envision what I wanted to get for the still non-existent playroom  and to organize.  I have pages dog-eared and I’ve talked it up to Will; he rolled his eyes.  That was until today.

This morning we got up, had a mad dash breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and hit the interstate.   The exit was coming up and my heart skipped a beat.  Something about 360,000 square feet of shopping that does something to you.  No, it’s not heirloom quality furniture.  No,  there isn’t really anything I need.  But it’s fun, people.  Lots and lots of fun.  The city had a plan to shuttle people from a nearby ampitheater.  Will and I pinky swore that we would not be part of shuttling.  If I couldn’t get off the interstate at the exit, then I’d go back another day.  Only one car ahead of me.   Cops standing by to direct traffic when it got busy.   There were probably 50 people directing traffic into the parking lot.  I was impressed; it flowed very, very smoothly.  Will says I ran the red light turning in, though.  In front of four cops.  They were prepared for a riot.  I’m the least of their worries.  

The line was around the building, but it moved very quickly and efficiently.  Olivia stayed with us until we went to the marketplace portion and I sent her to the play area.  They LOVED her.  (surprise)  Some other parents had an Olivia, too, and they thought the care givers were referring to their child.   I let them.  Who am I to burst their bubble?  

Will was pretty impressed with the layout.  I’m not sure he believed me when I told him they had little “homes” set up to show you just how functional 600 sf of living space can be.  I bet he opened every.single.refrigerator. and proclaimed with each one, “they have appliances.  And sinks.”  For some reason he thought when I told him they did I was secretly leading him astray.  

As much as I love it, there were some pretty dang rude shoppers out there.  He scoffed when I wanted to be there as it opened, but I wanted to get there early because I had some work things to do this afternoon.  I’ve had my fix and will get back into planning the non-existent play room addition and hopefully, when our friend D returns from his deployment, it will materialize.  

By the way, my kid used the word “ain’t” for the first time today.