In lieu of really good stuff, I’m posting this.  Okay, so good stuff really doesn’t exist.  I’ve jotted about 10 blog posts in my mind, but they never make it the blog.  Could be a good thing or it could be I’m just that freaking boring with a heaping side of lazy.  Olivia, on the other hand, just keeps on going.  So, I will fill you in on tonight’s conversation in the bathroom of the restaurant where we ate dinner….

Lady in stall (LIS): (I truly have no idea what she was saying b/c I wasn’t listening, but Olivia heard her)

Olivia: Mommy, who’s that lady talking to?

Me: I don’t know, let’s wash our hands and go.

Olivia: (knocking on the stall door while I’m drying my hands)  Are you talking to me?

Me: (insert slightly mortified)  Olivia, stop that and leave the nice lady alone.

Olivia:  We don’t know she’s nice.  She could be a mean ‘ol monster.

Me:  She’s not a monster and she wants to be left alone.

Olivia: I don’t know about dat.

Me: I do.  Let’s go.  Now.

Olivia: Wayul, okay.  Think she’s on the phone?  She shouldn’t talk on the phone while on the potty.  It might fall in.  Just like daddy’s phone fell in PomPom’s water bowl that time.  Remember, mommy? It got all wet…..

LIS: (Snickers)

Me: (Gasp)

There were only a handful of us in the restaurant.  Thank goodness my back was too her as she passed by.  Otherwise I would have been super duper mortified.  How do I know which lady it was, you ask?  Only because Olivia pointed out her funny looking shoes and I recognized them from seeing them under the stall door.