I’m still alive and slightly kicking.   My hiatus has been good for me.  I’m still lagging behind in the real world, but I’m feeling a bit refreshed and renewed.  That’s a good thing.  I’m hoping to get my groove back before too much longer.  I know you all are just dying to know the goings on at Chateau L.  Heh.  Oh, the irony in THAT one.

I’m FOUR days ahead of O’s Valentine’s party at school.  WOOT!  Due to a local day care closing, which brought with it an influx of toddlers, O’s class has been combined with the older 2s/younger 3s class to create a larger toddler space.  24 of those darlings at once.  Teachers combined, too, so it’s pretty well oiled in there.  However, that means DOUBLE everything that goes on.  Friday is the big V-day party.  The note sent home asked EVERY parent to send a bag of candy.  Ummm. No.  Not happening from this mama.  Teacher and I talked about this when I was at the school for the Chinese New Year.  Obviously she wasn’t kidding.  I think my eyes may have widened to the size of the tires on my car when she said that and I begged to please bring something besides candy.  They aren’t doing special snacks or lunch and they didn’t need any special drinks.  Just 24.bags.of.candy.  I simply can’t bring myself to do it.   I’m making cookies.  I know it’s still a sweet treat, but, duuuude, it’s not candy.  Besides, I like stealing her Olivia likes cookies more than those chalky candy hearts any day of the week.

I wish you all a fantastico week.

Be well.