There’s a blog I follow who linked to Abby’s blog.  Before tonight, I’ve never visited Abby’s blog nor do I know this family.  What I do know is how reading about this little girl reminded me just how lucky and blessed we are.  My heart was touched and tugged at the same time.

The video shows an amazing little girl and there will be a need for a tissue.

There are things that constantly remind me that I need to count my blessings and name them.  Last night I watched Olivia sleep and I cried.  I cried because this perfect little person was just that – a little person.  I picked her up from her bed and held her for just a minute.  She woke up and told me, “I love you mommy.  Let me lay back down because I’m sleeping.”

We celebrated a birthday for Olivia.  This family celebrates every day.  If you will, offer up a prayer, good wish or whatever you will.  Not only for this family, but for all families who face struggles whatever they may be.