Fabul-O totally rocked it on Santa’s lap. 


This was our 4th try and it was a success.

The first was at our breakfast with Santa.  Where I gave her $20 to not scream, but she gave it back because she didn’t look at the camera for a picture.

Second try she avoided him like the plague and collapsed in the mall floor claiming exhaustion.

Third and fourth tries were this past Saturday.  Third try she managed to eek out her Christmas list but refused to smile and expressed her displeasure, but without tears.  After some Chick-Fil-A and a small bribe, we did tried it one more time.   This time it worked.  Only with Will screeching at the top of his lungs, “LOOK, MOMMY HAS BUNNY EARS!!” as he mounted his hands on my head.   Apparently, it’s hilarious.   I’m a sucker and bought the $45 package.  A bit over zealous, I know, and the quality of the prints is subpar, at best, but she smiled and I am proud. As we walked away she said, “Santa’s nice and he gave me stickers.”   Yes, he is.