I know it’s a loss.  I knew it was a loss when I typed the post.  So why did I do it if I knew it?  Reassurance.  Thanks.  This was just that one outfit that looked really good on me and was uber flattering.  Hate when crap like this happens.   C’est la vie. 

When we came home from our fabulous vacation to Dollywood at the beginning of September, I realized I left an outfit hanging in the closet of the condo we rented.  I contacted the folks we rented from and their cleaning lady verified I had left it.  Yay!  I offered to send a U*P*S* call tag and all they had to do was put it in a box, the driver would bring the prepaid label and it would be on its way back to me and it would be insured.  They told me no, they would take care of sending it.  Well, fast forward to December and I still have no outfit.  I contacted her again and she gave me the delivery confirmation number for using the postal service and I tracked it on U*S*P*S.com and it shows having arrived at a sort facility in NOVEMBER and that was the last it was seen.  I asked landlord lady if she insured it.  Nope.  I called the post office people and they say, in a nutshell, too bad, too sad.  I sent another email back to landlord lady and told her I was the loser in all this and this is the exact reason I wanted to issue the call tag so it would be insured.  She said she would file a complaint with her post office.  All that might do is get her a refund of what she paid to ship  the item.  That’s it. 

I paid about $50 for it.  So it’s not super duper expensive, but it is my “the” outfit. 

What should I do?  Should I ask her to reimburse me for at least half the cost of the outfit?   There are lots of things I should have done differently with the whole shipping thing, but I have a tendency to think people think like I do.  Big mistake.