Saturday, we had breakfast at McCormick and Schmick’s as they hosted breakfast with Santa in support of a local charity, Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids.  We decided to see Santa first and then eat breakfast.  We had early reservations – next time will be earlier – so the wait was about 15-20 minutes.   She didn’t want to stand up.  She wanted to be held.  30.8 lbs. feels like 30.8 tons after about 8 minutes.  Needless to say, she was more pleased leaving him than she was in the wait to see him.  If she said, “I want to go home NOW” once, she said it 100,000 times.   We “heard” reindeer hoof steps on the roof of the restaurant where they were parked.  Did ya’ll know reindeer bowl while waiting for Santa?  It’s true!  We heard them.  Anyway, we went over her list to make sure she got everything.  She wanted no part of being around him.  She got ready to burst into tears and I reached in my pocket and pulled out a $20 to keep her from crying.  It worked.  Mrs. Claus brought her a present and that brightened her up a little bit.  I recited her list and she said, “yes” to everything.  Then I asked her wasn’t there one more thing she’d like to add to the list?  She very quietly asked for our soldiers to be happy and safe.  Santa looked at me and I explained that her daddy was a soldier and all that was going on with deployment, etc. and we thought maybe if he had some extra cheer, he could spread some for us.  Santa then asked me a question and it made me tear up.  Santa asked could we say a prayer and we did.  I was very touched by Santa and thanked him.  He told me he was touched by
us and thanked us!

She didn’t look at the camera when they took our picture – I’ll have to scan it in – and was more than ready to tell him bye when it was done.

We’re supposed to see Santa again this weekend at a function we’re attending so we may try the list one more time and to get a picture where she actually looks at the camera.

By the way, I got my $20 back because she didn’t smile for the camera.

Here’s the picture of us waiting in line.


Who's pleased?