We use some real-life words at our house, but since Olivia hasn’t quite learned when it is socially unacceptable to SCREAM words, such as fart, there are alternate phrases that are used.  First of all, I’m still not proud that my child learned to cock her leg to pass gas at the tender age of 21 months.  Second, I’m still not proud that she announces to everyone within ear shot that when she has to go poop, she is going to “turn the walls green.  Stay very far away ’cause it stinks.”   That being said, it makes me cringe when I hear some things that she brings home from gosh knows where.  One little girl in her class refers to the passing of gas as “I shot the rabbit.”  Yes, her daddy taught her that and her mother was just as pleased as I was about leg cocking.  Fabul-O used fart a few times, which I’m not a fan of, very loudly in public so I politely asked her to not announce when it happened.  She could utter a polite “excuse me” and all would be well, but no one wanted to hear what she had just done.  It worked for about 5 milliseconds.   Now they are “hiney growls.”  I’m cool with that, seriously.

Enter our new phase: Passing the blame.

Friday night, her “hiney growled” and, before it was even done growling, she piped up with, “Daddy did it!”  I asked her if daddy really did it or if she was telling a story and she replied with, “It was daddy.  It stinks.”   Of course, he vehemently denied it was him and passed the blame right back.  Now he’s on the bitter end of the blame game.   The power an almost 4-year-old has over her father.

Who knew Chateau L had the makings of a frat house?!  Tap the juice boxes ’cause it’s time for some f-u-n.