Monday at 0700, or somewhere around that time, approximately 100 soldiers reported for active duty at our armory.  Several were not there.  One of them is my soldier. 

Today, beginning around 1030, these 100 soldiers and their families began the send off “festivities.”  The email I received with times and instructions read “2 – 4 pm” with the address given for the ceremony.  I got this yesterday afternoon.  Will got a call from  a friend of ours who was a little disjointed with the disorganization of final preparations and it was he, not the one Will had been in contact with for the past week or so or family support, who gave us the 1030 start time.  Will called to inquire and was advised that we weren’t really “invited” because a head count was done with those who reported to active duty Monday for food.  Sorry about that. 

Today it’s not about missing hot dogs or chicken or gold-dipped tacos.  Today, we did not see the soldiers off for the first leg of their mobilzation for deployment.  Will talked to some of them and gave them our best wishes.  We are hoping to see those who pass through our town when they come home for a few days at Christmas.   Then they’ll go back for more training before deploying.

I’m not going to go into any great detail right now other than I’m sorry we weren’t able to share in this. 

Within a few days of finding out he wasn’t leaving, I received several phone calls and emails from folks looking for resources and an ear.  Maybe we are meant to support from home.  I don’t know.  What I do know is tonight our prayers have a new layer added to them.  Prayers for strength, guidance and wisdom for everyone; not just the soldiers and our leaders, but the warrior families who said the first of several good-byes to come.