Speeding ticket. Dammit. He didn’t clock me. He clocked the car in front of me and, because I was behind him, I got one, too.


It’s Tuesday and I’m not so disjointed today.  Here’s what happened yesterday.  There were 3 of us in a row…car #1 was going about 45 in a 55…guy in front of me passed him then it was my turn.  The guy in front of me was flying and then saw the trooper on the side of the road with another car pulled so he slammed on his brakes and by, the time I passed, I was close to him because he slowed down so much.  In SC, the troopers have radar in their back dash so they can clock those behind them.  He clocked the car in front of me going 69 in a 55, but because we both passed, he gave me the same ticket; my pass was legal but he said the speed was too fast.  Still not sure how he could have clocked me as I was behind another car.  I didn’t really arugue with the cop, but I told him I had some concerns about the speed he said I was driving as I knew how fast I was going when I started and when I pulled behind the guy in front of me after passing, I was going less than 60.  For those shaking your heads, no, I’m not making excuses and, if I deserve the ticket, fine.  But I don’t think I do.

I drive the same way to work every single day and I know the schedules and routines of the cops who patrol this stretch of highway.  There are five of them…three county and two state troopers.  I pass the same ones every single day at about the same time.

If I pay my fine by my court date, it will reduce it to two points on my license, no insurance points and the fine is $81.50.   I’m not sure if I’ll go to court and try to get it dropped or just pay the fine and let it be done.  I’ve got some peeps I’m talking to about it.