Olivia likes to stall going to sleep, but what kid doesn’t?

This was tonight’s play-by-play.

Round one (shouted from her bedroom)

Olivia: I’m itchy.  I need lotion.

Me: Get one squirt and rub it in good.

Round two (peeking into my bedroom door)

Olivia: Why is PomPom still awake? It’s past her bedtime.

Me: She’s waiting for you to go to sleep. (she leaves)

Round three (slinking into my room)

Olivia: Mommy.  Do we have enough light bulbs?

Me: For what?

Olivia: For da lamps and stuff.  In case they burn out.

Me: We have plenty of light bulbs.  Don’t worry.

Olivia: Good.  I was worried.  Good night, mommy.

Me: Good night.

That was the end.  Normally we have to have 3 sips of water, a few potty trips, another baby, another book, blankets are too straight, blankets are crooked, she needs her feet propped up, and so on. 

Think I need to remind Will to pick up some more light bulbs.  Just in case.