This past Saturday, Will, Fabul-O and I loaded up to go to a local airshow.   It was a small one at our local municipal airport with warbirds and later a special show.  To start said show, were two parachuters.  Trying to keep Olivia as enthralled as I could, I pointed out the tinsy white spot of an airplane that was circling overhead and saw two black spots.  I told her, “Watch baby!   The soldier boys have jumped from the airplane!!”  She’s watching and I’m pimping it.  Hard.  So I’m watching and I’m pointing this out to the little posse of people around us and Will asked me what we were all looking at.  I pointed to the aforementioned dots and told him, “The jumpers!”  He shook his head and pointed in the OPPOSITE direction where they had just pulled their parachutes.  We were all watching two crows fly.  

Teach ya’ll to listen to a girl with football shaped corneas and no glasses on.