Last year Olivia was Spiderman for Halloween.  She picked it out all by herself.  A couple of weeks after Halloween, I was out and about and found a fluffy, cutesy pie Elmo costume 80% off….I paid less than $5 for it.  I’ve been pimping Elmo for the past couple of months.  A week before Halloween, I’m informed of the following:

Mooooommmyyy.  Elmo is for babies.  I’m almost FOUR.  I want to dress up like a pirate!  Aaarrgggh!

Have you guys seen girl costumes?  I mean, not just the teen ones, but the tweens and the little ones?  I didn’t want my kid dressed like a bar wench, so I came to the resolve she could be a pirate, but she would be wearing the swash buckling boys costume.  While in line waiting our turn for said costume, something pink and sparkly caught my eye.  Why, yes.  She could be a ballerina.  We have the ballet shoes.  We have the tu-tu.  All I would need to do was get some pink tights.  She loves ballerinas and it took me no time to convince her to put away the eye patch and crabby parrot to be a pretty in pink ballerina.

Day before Halloween.  One ballet slipper MIA.  Day of Halloween no pink tights at 5 different stores.  (I know, I’m way behind – story of my life).  Should’ve bought the pirate costume.  One last ditch effort before heading to the costume store to [hopefully] buy said pirate suit costume.  Where saved my day, you ask?  Tahget of course!  Silly me.  I was concerned for nothing.

We took Olivia to the local mall for trick-or-treating.  Buckled in and ready to go.


Rockin’ it ballerina style


Olivia was allowed to choose where we ate dinner.  After picking at her food for a while, she informed us that she wasn’t hungry anymore.  We could go.  What she was wanting was to bee-line to her loot.  I explained that if she wasn’t hungry enough for dinner, she wasn’t hungry enough for candy.  Before anyone (hi, Mom!) thinks I was wrong for this, she did have candy earlier and rules are rules are rules. 

Brokenhearted ballerina

In spite of the drama, the evening turned out well and she went home and crashed…all the excitement of the day was just too much, I guess.