In North Carolina, we have early voting.  Will and I did this in 2004.  We were on the way home from our meeting with our social worker for our joint visit for Fabul-O’s adoption and we were crusing by a fire department in our county and saw the sign that invited us to vote early.  We did.  It was 2 pm on a Thursday afternoon. In and out in 15 minutes.  Loved.It.  He had this past Monday off so he voted with the grey-haired crew.  He said he waited about an hour and a half and it wasn’t that they were busy, it’s just the poll-goers were a bit slow.  His ballot was cast.


Today, Fabul-O and I got up early to head out on our day.  We went to the same fire department her daddy and I voted at four years ago.  I know it doesn’t make good sense, but it made me smile because I was there with her.  If you ask her what we did today, she points at her sticker and says, “We voted.  We wanna make a difference.”  Oh, “rock the vote?”  She kept the folks in line around us entertained with 10,000 rounds of “Old McDonald.”  Why? “Mooosic makes me happy.”

As the norm, I don’t discuss politics around her, but I do want to tell you all:  VOTE ON TUESDAY!  For those in NC who may read this and haven’t voted, remember, if you plan on voting straight ticket, this does NOT include your choice for president.  It’s a separate item on the ballot.


Halloween pics to come sometime soon.


Until  next time, be well.