Thanks to everyone who donated to us!  We achieved our very modest goal.

It was really hard pumping up the fact Olivia had to wake waaaaay before Mr. Golden Sun was to rise.  We met Shannon and Emily early and rode the light rail into uptown where we walked several more blocks to where the race was.  I’m not sure what word to use to describe the feeling I felt.  The runners started very early and were beginning to finish when we arrived uptown.  Seeing a man run in a pink skirt with a pink crown in honor of someone in his life is simply amazing.  Then we saw another one.  And another one.  There were so many “In Honor of ‘Me'” tags people were wearing as well as those walking in honor or memory of their friends and loved ones.  There were fraternities, sororities, companies, friends, and teams made up of all sorts of people.  We were our team of four: Me, Fabul-O, Shannon and Emily.   We didn’t complete the full three miles of the walk due to lack of interest from the little participants.  Thanks Shannon and Emily for a fun time this morning.  The next time I see Shannon she’ll be walking again, but it will be down the aisle getting married. 


Susan and Olivia

Shannon and Emily

Shannon and Emily

Be sure to look up to the left...LOTS of people

Be sure to look up to the left...LOTS of people. We were nowhere near the back of the pack!!Pretty in Pink. These folks let us know they were a fun crowd, but not in front of children. Their mimosas and Bloody Mary

"We walked to hep peoples go to the doctor to keep the boobies happy."
If you ask Olivia what we did today, she’ll tell you, “We walked to hep peoples go to the doctors to help keep boobies happy.”   She even gave me $5 from her piggy bank to put towards the money we raised.  I love this kid!!