Our friend D called with some news today.  (The same D that came to visit with his family and I made the delicious Boston Butt – Carolina Style for.)  D is going back to Iraq.  We were at dinner chatting it up and Will dropped this bomb on me.  I dropped my napkin, lost my breath and tears fell.  Silly me.  We knew the possibility was there, but we figured it would be later than sooner.  He and Will were deployed with my friend Wendy’s husband.  So, I figured D would head back when Wendy’s husband does.  Um, no.  Not this time.  He leaves in double digit days and it ain’t 99.   D&T welcomed a baby boy into the world at the end of July (Hey, Baby S #3)  T is a strong, strong woman and will do fine.  I know her type.  I strive to be her. 

So, why the unexpected reaction?  I don’t know.  I simply don’t know.  I think maybe because this is our first close-friend-outside-our-unit deployment and it was pretty off guard. 

Will is next in line followed by Wendy’s husband’s unit.   Crap.  If that was my reaction to D leaving, you guys better Kleenex up for my turn ’cause I’m seeing some weak places in my foundation for this.  Buy two boxes, I’ll need one when the next unit leaves, too.

Please stay tuned for the following:

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  • Senseless rambling brought on by a souvenir from vacation.  Wrap ye olde mind around that one, wouldja