I’m utterly stoked about this one.  So much, in fact, I’ve had my reservation since April to make sure I got a room at the same [insert Fabul-O’s accent] ho-tay-yul the event is being held.  I’m attending my first ever SpouseBUZZ Live event in Hampton Roads, VA this weekend.  I didn’t realize until February I had missed the one that was almost in my back yard last fall.  It also means I get a weekend away in Virginia Beach!  Fabul-O and Will are staying behind.  Not on purpose, simply because of other obligations (That kid of mine…sheesh, can’t keep up with her schedule)

SpouseBUZZ is a wonderful site for military spouses, significant others and parents to learn and share experiences. 

Long drive, but I’m packed and ready to roll.  I’m practicing my couth for when I meet some of the wonderful bloggers I’ve been reading for so long.  Ya’ll know how giddy it can be meeting e-pals and bloggy buddies for the first time.  (I don’t have lipstick on my teeth do I?)



P.S. Vacation updates will resume ASAP.  I know you’re all dying out there.